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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quantum Time Phases and Shifts

You're not going to find this in any mainstream physics book, however it presents a common sense solution to the time paradoxes that intrinsically plague relativity such as the Grandfather Paradox where someone allegedly in theory travels back in time then kills his or her grandpa thereby precluding ever being born. Time travel does not actually work in that way at all though since the atoms that made up the grandfather (and everything else present in his time-plane) would already be in a in the future and no longer would be present in the past anymore, only the time traveler would be present in the time-plane of the past.

The implications of this allow 5 dimensional travel where position in relative time is dependent on an absolute time frame (in terms of the ratio of the relative time-wavelength per unit of absolute time or dt/dT) and also dependent on the relative speed of light in spacial dimensions as well.

Why does this matter? Mainly because the claims about aliens that can distort space-time and travel through walls depends on such a 5 dimensional space-time system.