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Monday, March 14, 2011

Earth's Place in the Cosmos

...also note, I disagree with the maker of that video because the term "creationist" is a rather vague term as it can refer to many things, anybody who creates something such as a painting or a blogpost or realizes that such things are intelligently designed is actually a "creationist" as well, but that doesn't mean that all creationists believe that everything that has some kind of a structure or form or pattern to it is intelligently designed though, as the bulk of things in the universe are natural formations that self generate according to the chaotic laws of nature (Below is a storyboard capture that I've extracted from that video, click the image to enlarge)

Note - to make the assumption that the Earth is the only planet where life has evolved, out of the innumerable other such Earth-like planets in the Universe or Multiverse, is just nuts. It would be like making the assumption that there is only one fly that exists in the entire Universe just because that is only one that happened to land on your plate at the pick-nick table, it's just way out of proportion for such a belief to hold true, and when we start looking around we'll almost certainly be able to see a lot more of them.

Even more out of perspective is the belief that the entire Universe somehow was created by some kind of intelligence...simply an impossible task (if you think it is a possible task then you have got a lot of proving to do, that would employ a very grandiose amount of invisible pink angels or a grandiose amount of pulleys and levers to accomplish that kind of task), and even more out of perspective would be the assumption that the entire Universe would have been created just for Humankind or for Earthlings (we're just not that special to own it all, and certainly we aren't anywhere near advanced enough to somehow "take it all" either).

As for the vague idea of creation, perhaps it's possible that aVILS (a Very Intelligent Living Species) created or manipulated or terraformed some planets and asteroids while leaving other such planets and asteroids relatively untouched such that they still remain as natural formations. I don't think anybody could prove or disprove the notion that our Earth may have been artificially created to varying degrees (i.e. maybe a race of aVILS could have towed asteroids from the asteroid belt to shape and form the Earth or something, albeit any extraordinary claims still require extraordinary proof).

Many of the ancient religions seem to at least point to the claim that the Earth was somehow created by the "gods" which could perhaps be more appropriately interpreted as being an ancient race of aVILS, albeit none of those religions have ever positively proved those claims to the standards of modern scientific scrutiny there are many within the UFO and alien research community that are currently attempting to do just that and in all likely-hood, given the number of Earthlike planets surrounding our interstellar neighborhood, will probably eventually succeed in doing so as well if they research and investigate these matters with enough rigor.