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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Did These Come from Aliens?

Firstly, here is the Skeptics Dictionary just in case you would like to know what the skeptics are saying (I bet you probably do) :>

A nice woman I met at the International UFO Convention wrote a few pages of notes saying that the following were inspired or channeled by way of alien visitors (aliens aren't thought to talk but rather they communicate by way of telepathy instead)...I wouldn't quite rule out the possibility as she seemed to be very knowledgeable on this subject matter. Here are those notes she wrote (I've put some links in there in case any of my readers is interested in researching what they say):

Star Trek is said to have been based on channeled material and was intended to portray an optimistic future where materialism is less a goal than self-development and where people who are quite different learn to get along well with each other. (perhaps Gene Roddenberry personally was asked to produce the first series)

Nichelle Nichols told MLK she planned to quit the series. He urged her not to quit, because her role did so much (more than) the Civil Rights Movement for civil rights.


America – Freedom to Fascism  Channeled by Aaron Russo

Seth Speaks, etc – The Nature of Personal Reality  Channeled by Jane Roberts, Tom Massari

Abraham-Hicks (The Secret DVD)  Channeled by Esther Hicks

Ramtha (What the Bleep DVD)  Channeled by J.Z. Knight

The Pleiadians  Channeled by Barbara Marciniak

Dr. Steven Greer - The Disclosure Project

Napolean Hill is coming out with a new book (???)

Bashar (hybrid alien)  Channeled by Darryl Anka:

The 4 Laws of Creation:
1. You exist.
2. The One is the All. All, together, are One. (All beings are facets of the One)
3. What you put out is what you get back.
4. Change is the only constant. (Everything changes but the first 3 Laws.)

The Explorer Race Series  Robert Shapiro Sedona Channeler

Everything is moving (evolving) to a higher frequency (dimension). Human race is coming to understand the role of our thoughts + feelings in creating our reality. Quantum physics addresses the role of intention in manipulating (creating?) matter.

Many ET’s have a greater understanding than do most humans of the role of consciousness, including coherent thought, in creating desired outcomes.

The Explorer Race books explain the purpose (agreed to by the now human race) for incarnating on a planet with as much duality. –negativity as well as positivity—and concomitant discomfort as experienced on this one.

She said it was “to help out other developing races from the data gathered from our civilization”