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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Bornhoeft Theory




 Single atoms form the nodes of an elementary quantum network in which quantum information is transmitted via the controlled exchange of single photons. Quantum Entanglement goes back a very long time. This is my theory. There is a technologically advanced living species routinely visiting our solar system and has been for a very long time. Humans on earth, a very likely extraterrestrial origin, have started to increase its intelligence very rapidly going back just 10 thousand years. Archaeologically speaking, early man in general has a defined fossil record of only 5 or 6 million years. Archaeology has always assumed we are not of extraterrestrial origin. In just the Milky Way, there are billions of planets in the goldilocks zone. We must first realize that a 25 million year time frame is a very short distance in the evolutionary process. We must first realize that advanced technology stops at a certain point in time. You can’t learn anymore, it becomes mastered. Time travel just got a little bit easier.


I refer to them as Tals, a Technologically Advanced Living Species in all due respect. Alien or extraterrestrial are both vague terms and could refer to just about anything originating outside of Earth. The human race could be alien or extraterrestrial as noted in the common sense theory. It is considered disrespectful to refer to Tals as less than what they truly are in the media or in online news in the same way that it is disrespectful to identify other various races with slurs. Keep in mind that Tals are the ones navigating and remotely controlling the highly advanced gravitoelectromagnetism propelled UFOs and the unidentified submersible vessels. The Tals are also navigating beautiful orbs of dancing light that appear to be saying a message. They are being closely studied by military and government officials. They are under the auspices of a highly classified top secret chain of command.


 Some UFO’S that have been observed and openly acknowledged by Astronauts, Politicians and Civilians around the world are identified as extraterrestrial. These same vessels are not produced on earth. They are real, and they are controlled by an advanced species. They exist throughout our solar system. They are not a new phenomenon, but were actually recorded on the cave walls of our ancient ancestors about 100,000 years ago. The acknowledgement of their presence has been growing more rapidly and more widespread with the invention of high definition cameras and modern internet communications. In theory, the Tals have been visiting our solar system for at least 5 or 6 million years. The human populations on earth are entering a new stage of communication. The Tals are very much aware of the weapons of mass destruction in low earth orbit.


Tals, along with a select few in our governments, are the ones that have not been allowing the human populations to have widespread advanced knowledge of their existence. For many thousands of years, they have been manipulating the story about the history of Earth. In addition too, the history curriculum, religions, and research sciences to omit any such references about them.


The Tals are in control of Earth and its safety as a planet, and thus have not let any large Near Earth Objects hit planet Earth ever since it was populated with primates some 5 or 6 million years ago. All strikes on planet earth are for a reason going back 6 million years or as far back as 65 million years. Five different types of primates just appeared on Earth, and in fact four of those have evolutionarily gone extinct in that time frame. The remaining species modern man has thus survived a very long historical journey on our planet. Overpopulation, famine, disease, asteroid collisions and a myriad of other scary doomsday scenarios will not actually play out due to the rapid pace of advances in technology and intelligence being made by our species. It’s a fact that the Tals are controlling things as related to galactic law. The last big asteroid to hit earth was estimated at 50 meters across and explodes above Tunguska, Siberia. This is one of the most deserted areas on planet Earth. Eight hundred square miles of forest was incinerated. The same asteroid was incinerated just prior to impact with no trail of shell. Scientists theorize both extraterrestrial reasons and non-extraterrestrial reasons. The Argentina craters are most fascinating due to the geographical locations they always seem to find, perhaps a climate controlling event. They move and control the asteroids in our solar system like NASA moves and control its own satellites. In 1937 the asteroid Hermes had the capability to create mass extinction and global climate change. It missed planet earth by only 600,000 thousand miles. The Tals have the capability to move such a rock with ease. No invasion anytime soon (Stephen Hawking) the big rocks are a low cost very efficient way to annihilate the human population, just ask the dinosaurs.


 As facultative carnivores, humans have learned how to sacrifice living animals for food and resources. These same animals would much rather live and enjoy the life span promised to its life cycle. Testosterone, combined with violence makes the human populations forever in a constant war. The characteristic gene of hunting, while it has demonstrably increased the intelligence and reasoning capabilities of our species survival also leads to aggression, murder, and battles. The need for resources has a significant role in violence and war. The Tals have been watching our wars since hominids were originally put here some 5 or 6 mya. We are in fact a very young vicious primitive species to them. There will be no chance of a peaceful collaboration between humans and the Tals any time soon. They allow our wars for turf and resources. They watch them in real time. They have historically tried making us better people under certain laws and religious traditions that they implemented. They have performed many miracles with the use of their technology, such as parting the Red Sea, reading minds and even answering prayers. Curing illness and bringing back to health with the technologically advanced is made easy. Tals can make a selected human aware of their existence by way of telepathic communications in dreams and during waking life. They have taken some major part in introducing the major religions of Earth, both past and present, and were directly involved with the genetic hybrid birth of Christ and his philosophical or religious reasons. Pyramid building and mummification was a compelling chapter. They may indeed be involved in the search for God, and for the afterlife, as part of their grand science projects.


The Tals are letting themselves be known in numerous ways as per quantum entanglement, the crops, the comp trails, the identifiable UFO’s, the cattle, the earthquake lights, the pyramids and the abductions. The human populations could not handle the facts about Earths history and science. The human populations have to except that the verbal communication disclosure project is not possible and would interfere with the populations and the commanding rulers. Early man drew identifiable craft on walls 100,000 years ago and we record them with our high definition cameras now. The new United States Air Force Spaced Based Surveillance System or USAF SBSS can prove this fact. We are part entering a new stage of disclosure. No radio communication with the vessels anytime soon, just telepathic. The masses cannot handle the truth. Stage one disclosure began when they helped geographically located and positioned the great pyramids all over the world. Conspiracy goes back a very long time and will continue.


We are in a great time of learning. We have the technology to share information worldwide and to optically record identifiable UFOs and make it fact. Although the Tals have the ability to cloak their light emissions in the visible and infrared spectrum, optical contact with their vessels is still possible at certain times when they remain uncloaked. The USAF SBSS has a high definition satellite network in low earth orbit. They can observe and visually triangulate the vessels within the ionosphere. The vessels are attracted to lightning storms and artificially induced HAARP Experimentations. Within our atmosphere the populations are invited to launch a privately funded satellite array network of High Definition Surveillance Cameras into Low Earth Orbit, which is considered the safe area for The Optical Disclosure Project. Some UFO’s are identifiable. The Tals are welcoming the HD camera’s in LEO like they welcomed the Gemini, Mercury, Apollo and Space Shuttle missions. It is just as fascinating for them as it is for the human populations. They are all over this section of the solar system. We started documenting UFOs 100,000 years ago SETI should stand for Scientifically Eliminating Technological Information. If we witness a UFO with the naked eye and we are also tracking them on radar, why are we not trying to record them with a state of the art surveillance system? An array of HD cameras in low earth orbit would be close encounters of the common sense kind. The United States Air Force, Space Based Surveillance System or USAF SBSS are recording tracking and monitoring UFO’s in low earth orbit. This technology is all new and is the Holy Grail upon producing visual evidence and proves that we are not alone. The USAF SBSS should be capable of producing crystal clear close up images even capable of reading the hieroglyphics on certain vessels. The UFO’s are easy to identify in low earth orbit and are in fact identifiable.


Be advised…some members of NASA have a direct link to the conspiracy chain. Just like General Ramsey from the Roswell incident. The X-man that gave General Ramsey the order to change the story at Roswell is in the chain of command. Keep going up the chain of command and at the very end is the commission. They make the rules, not our governments. They are in control of the crashed vessels. They are in control of the asteroid fly-bys. They are in control of the verbal communication disclosure project. THE WAR MACHINE Keep in mind the primitive war machine just went high tech by taking advantage of some simple physics. Lazars have allowed humanity to harness light and cut holes in objects. It also establishes new forms of communication. In theory the Tals will not tolerate instruments of mass destruction in low earth orbit, the safe zone. This is a nice way of saying you can record us in LEO don’t place your weapons here. The real arsenal of weapons lies in the Kuiper Belt. The Wesley impact is a wake-up call for the populations.


The SETI project will never work until it’s turned on. It’s a very primitive means by which contact is attempting to be made. They are in fact using a filter to comb out all non-human transmissions that are propagating through the zone of the upper atmosphere of Earth. It’s a form of audio stealth that they have been utilizing ever since the early days of human radio transmission. The vessels will not allow any non-human radio communications to penetrate through the earth's atmosphere. The waves are silent just like their vessels. Audio communications with the vessels signifies almost full disclosure and the human populations are not ready for a news story of such great magnitude. If you see something and it does not talk back It’s not there. This is how the Tals want it. The first step is The Optical Disclosure Project. This type of communication is also being carried out by means of crops, comp trails and earthquake lights. It is physically impossible for the human populations to exhibit such great drawing in the same time frame they are being performed in. The earthquake lights comp trails and crops all have a meaning. The human population is too frail to have any other type of disclosure as per year 2013.


I can understand that a technologically advanced living species could have received a one billion year head start on the human population. The age of this Universe is approximately 13.5 billion years old. The earth was formed approximately 5 billion years after the big bang, or 8.5 billion years ago. Life begins on Earth 6 billion years after it was formed or 2.5 billion years ago. Bone Earth started 2 billion years after the first forms of life, approximately 525 million years ago. For a very strange reason, the defined fossil record of early man appears 520 million years after Bone Earth was formed, just 5 or 6 million years ago. We have been on Earth a very short period of time. The time line from our past history on earth does not fit very well, in theory, all primates just appear. The missing link is still missing. Darwin himself admits of a missing link. Man always wrote his books by trying to make sense of everything on earth in a non-extraterrestrial way. We are entering a new age of learning and sharing information. We are being invited to observe the vessels and orbs with our HD cameras operating in the optical spectrum of light. The Tals followed the Gemini, Mercury, Apollo and Space Shuttle missions like the space shuttle followed the space station. Fill the loop holes earthlings.