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Monday, February 28, 2011

Photos from the International UFO Convention Center

I just attended the International UFO Conference in Fountain Hills, AZ which had some extremely fascinating presentations concerning UFO's and an alien presence in our own solar system neighborhood and most allegedly on Earth as well. All of that was really neat and I will be making some blogposts about that particular subject matter, however some of the things in the convention center itself, which was held in the Radison, just seemed to have caught my eye, so I snapped a few photos of them

(NOTE - Click on Images to Enlarge) :>

Lights at the Radison Convention Center:

Carpet at the Convention Center:

Mary Electra's spiritual healing booth in the rear of the convention center, which contained all kinds of neat looking crystals and necklaces for sale:

Pearls of Wisdom Designs, which has been said that it "Hits the wounded oyster that mends itself with pearl" ... however, I like to call this shot "The Gemicircle" or "The Alien Eye" :>

(Click on image to enlarge)

Here are some neat websites I got from various people I met at the event:
Patty Greer and Crop Circle Videos
Michael Schratt at Open Minds
Antonio Huneeus at Open Minds
UFOs on the Record
Earth Files
National UFO Center - Front Page
The Stan Romanek Story
Lloyd Pye and the Starchild Skull
Top Secret Tours