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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On History, Aliens, UFOs, Classified Documents, and Advanced Technologies

Note - This is a series of my thoughts on the subject matter that I have compiled from my comments elsewhere


The level of rigor involved in discussing history is a few notches below the level of rigor involved in news broadcasting. The ancients didn’t provide enough diagrams to go with their extraordinary claims. (stone carvings, and such, however)


I highly doubt that the pyramids could have been levitated by accoustical energy, according to one of the claims from the Ancient Aliens Technology show, given the amount of decibels required for such a thing.

It is possible that the ancient maybe had film projectors back then, just take a divergent glass lens and line mirror up with a source of light reflecting off of animation drawings on rapidly flipping papyrus sheets, aiming at a white painted surface.

Given that a lot of ancient myths involve extraterrestrials, animal hybrids, and the fact that they did have many complex machines as well, perhaps it is possible that the ancients actually had all sorts of genetic experiments going on, or perhaps genetic experiments combined with aliens and robots as well.


I'm somewhat skeptical of intelligent beings visiting Earth, and even more skeptical of them being able to breath our air, but as far as microbial or viral aliens I find that quite more likely to be the case. I also believe it's possible that some ancients invented aerial flying balloons and possibly even put some heiroglyphic objects into orbit around the Earth (perhaps via a giant catapult or chemical rocket). But, anyhow, an intelligent alien visiting Earth would be somewhat similar to a human visiting the Bonobos population, however, in the same way that humans aren't worshipped by Bonobos, it is much less likely that intelligent aliens would be worshipped by humans.

Why would highly advanced aliens have visited our ancient societies and then have enslaved the less intelligent humans when in fact they could have employed advanced robotics to achieve their work instead?

Why would ancient aliens use DNA to create us instead of something that can withstand intense space radiation? Also, there’s no reason why life could not have sailed here on radiation pressure in a meteor.

If our species can interfere with other life on Earth, then that means our species can interfere with life on other planets too. I wouldn't mind owning an alien ant farm or alien fish tank or whatnot, so long as they are technologically less advanced than we are, hell, I wouldn't even mind owning a caged space monkey....I expect that it is survival of the fittest, but at the same time I wouldn't advocate doing anything mean to a less advanced species as I wouldn't expect a more advanced species to do anything mean to us, unless we were first hostile to them.

Perhaps strong interstellar magnetic fields could have launched alien spacecraft around, as per Electromagnetic Space Weather.

Perhaps some of those alien witnesses are hallucinations, perhaps other UFO's are radar malfunctions, perhaps most of the rest are hoaxes or foreign military drones or civilian test flights, perhaps a lot are meteors and other natural phenomena, but a rare few of UFO and other bizzar sitings are not identifiable by any of those categories though. It's those remaining few of the sitings that greatly intrigue the UFO fans among us.


As soon as something becomes classified, then there is all sorts of speculation about why. The U.S. government has begun classifying meteorite impacts for some reason.


There are many possible explanations for UFO incidents, each one is unique. Ice particles, star wars tests, space trash, top secret government crafts, high tech hobbyists, abnormal weather patterns, illusions, hallucinations, hoaxes, etc, and then there are alien spacecraft as well.

I think that, certainly, UFO events that are observed in mass or that make the news are the most credible, followed by reports from vfr pilots, astronauts, and air traffic controllers, and then there are the police and military personnel....however, sometimes even the best of them can be wrong, and other times the best of them can put out misinformation too.

How is it that a UFO has never shot down a fighter pilot or a pilot has never shot down a UFO if there has been these reported "dog fights"? Or perhaps it has occurred but merely has been covered up (Boyd Bushman claims the Roswell UFO was shot down using secret electrical Tesla weapons mounted on an airplane). Why hasn't there been any inventors who have invented useful devices whom claim to have been given information by aliens? Clearly no inventors would be worried about the aliens getting prior art, am I right?


Technology always wins the war, incidentally it has always been technology deployed by a military force. However, if technology were to turn on us, well, we wouldn't stand a chance

My main stance on the issue is that inventions that enhance humanity are good, but that inventions that replace humanity are bad. However, that will all change some day in the distant future when we evolve beyond the need for an organic body, perhaps we will exist as minds in a robot's body in the future, or perhaps as we merge with intelligent computer minds and robotics, and with nanotech, etc. The future is something to be embraced, as supply and demand allows more people to embrace the bio-technical enhancements that technology will allow for us, as we as humanity decide the path our future will take.

Civilization is immortal, and evolves into perfection.


The lure of individual immortality occurs when we mere mortals have many great ideas but not enough time to employ them all and see them to fruition. However, until the day when immortality is achievable, the best solution is to share them, keeping them open like a source of free thought, free for all conscious life to take a chance at.