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Monday, January 24, 2011


Note - This is a compilation of my comments about the subject matter.

Earth's magnetic field is very weak and can't be invoked as a source of anything with sufficient mass orbiting around the Earth, although the paths of ionized material such as from solar wind and Birkeland currents from the sun are affected greatly by Earth's magnetic field interacting with the immense velocity of the charged particles.

Atmospheric Plasma Convection

How do these currents between the Sun and the Earth and other planets work? Perhaps the Earth’s mantle acts as a positive terminal of a battery that is ground which emits electron holes thereby attracting electrons from the sun, and then perhaps deeper down in the Earth core holes are attracted and electrons (perhaps there are fusion/fission reactions occurring in the Earth's core) repelled toward the mantle as well. Given the incredible strength of electricity, can extremely intense Birkeland Currents from the sun cause Supervolcanoes or perturb the Earth on it’s axis, or change the orbital path of the Earth?

The moon is thought to have no atmosphere because there is no hydrostatic pressure due to insufficient gravitation, but that doesn't preclude it from having a dusty ionosphere due to static charge build up from the ionizing radiation of the sun. Is it thereby possible that the moon is losing mass to the Earth or other locations in space (comets, asteroids, and planets) via magnetic birkeland currents due to ionization of it's surface?

A 27 day thermosphere cycle, as observed in the earth's atmosphere, could be due to ionizing UV radiation hitting and thereby ionizing the Moon at different angles during the lunar month, which might actually be causing secondary Birkeland Currents from the Moon to the Earth in addition to the primary Birkeland Currents from the Sun hitting the Earth.

The sun, via Birkeland Currents and solar wind, supplies the Earth with fresh hydrogen (protons) and other elements (beta and alpha particles, He-3, etc) to regenerate the particles that are escaping from the Earth due to weak gravity, atmospheric gas concentrations probably have been in equilibrium due to that process for billions of years. Cation-anion binding probably occurs in significant proportions in the Birkeland currents and solar wind while en route to the Earth, and since those particles are neutral they become subject solely to the forces of gravitation and thereby pass through unaffected by the magnetic fields. My bet is that electrons in the solar wind, due to high velocity beta particles periodically being shot out of the nuclear furnace of the sun, act as the "leader" to those Birkeland Currents which provides the electro-conductive path that the positive nuclei travel through to get here.

According to this article, the energy flux from solar radiation alone in space near Earth is about 1365 watts per square meter (that's about 13.5x100 watt lightbulbs all being lit in 1 square meter area...If you have you ever put your hand near just one 100 watt lightbulb before, then you realize that 13.5 of them is equivalent to a lot of heat from electromagnetic radiation being crammed into a relatively small volume of space...this has great implications for the efficiency of solar panels and solar heating in space, and also allows for the possibility of large arrays of solar panels satellites that could beam down microwave energy to power base stations on the Earth's surface, or also for constructing an accidental weapon, or unfortunately maybe also a death ray too).

NASA explains that some significant proportion of the trajectory perturbation anomalies of their spacecraft orbits are caused by photonic pressures from the sun and also due to the heat buildup on the side and back panels which results in intense infrared rays reradiating back out into space thereby causing significant secondary path altering pressures as well. Might that photonic radiation pressure from the sun also have a significant impact on the paths of asteroids, comets, and meteors as well? Might that cause space rocks to charge up like a capacitor, and possibly even explode when they enter an atmosphere or are struck by stellar lightning bolts?

Take a look at this galactic picture here:

I don't think gravity even comes close to explaining what's on that picture. Dark Matter!? Wimps!? Machos!? Please, give me a break, at least give the tremendous strength of electrical forces a whirl. I know the problem is that obviously empty space has an electrical resistance value that drops off the voltage potential of a given charge in proportion to the inverse square of the distance from that charge, however suppose those giant plumes of plasma-gas were superconducting in the near zero temperature conditions of the vast intergalactic space, then ionized particle currents might travel the vast galactic distances between voltage potentials with ease. And so might spacecrafts, human, alien, and droid-bots alike could travel the vast vacuous seas of space on a superconducting lightning bolt.