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Sunday, January 16, 2011

An "L" Stance on Guns and Gun Control

"L" means Libertarian

Guns are morally neutral. Sometimes guns are used by the villains and other times guns used by the heros. Guns exist, they can't be gotten rid of either since there are millions of them in the world, and typically once a gun is made it has a very very long lifetime, getting passed down through the generations, being refurbished and such. The vast vast vast majority of gunshots are merely practice shots, with no intent to kill whatsoever. Guns get more sophisticated all the time, there are a large variety of them as well, and have multiple applications.

Some people use guns for hunting, some for protection (like police officers or guarding against home intruders and vandals or for personal protection against threatening individuals), and others for recreation (shooting cans and targets helps some people concentrate better, others get a thrill out of doing it, target practice, paintball/airsoft, robot competitions, etc). The cops don't always show up in time, and in dangerous neighborhoods people are often times left to fend for themselves, but outlawing guns won't make them go away, the criminals will still get them, and regulation of guns still won't keep them out of the hands of thugs. In fact, outlawing guns will only make it safer for thugs to knock over stores and banks, or to burglarize your home, it will probably start happening more frequently than they do now.

Thugs can get their hands on guns regardless of what the law says, very easy to do, just like how they can get their hands on illegal drugs. Outlawing guns would be tantamount to funding a war on guns, similar to the war on drugs it would be lost merely because there will always be a demand for the gun trade, and furthermore gun companies would just go underground like prohibition, I'm pretty sure people would figure out a way to make their own guns and ammo if they couldn't purchase them or know where to get them.

I think what I am saying here is true, don't you agree? Wouldn't it be much more costly to regulate guns with tax dollars, and then to lock people up just for owning firearms? Aren't our jails already too full as it is? Why make criminals out of all gun enthusiasts just because there are a few criminals in the world whom are way out of control and probably could get guns anyhow? Why sacrifice freedoms in the name of safety, when there isn't even a guarantee of safety even if expensive laws were to be implemented in the first place?

I realize that other countries that prohibit guns have a much lower instance of gun violence, however, they merely don't have the public demand for guns that we do in the US. They spend a lot less in taxes in their gun regulation merely because of this lack of demand for firearms, but in the end it still is a repressed freedom in those countries, their gun enthusiasts probably just move here instead to satisfy their activities. Their criminals merely find other means of killing, such as poisoning or knives or clubs, yes more primitive means to their end, but they achieve it nonetheless.

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