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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why Heat Death of the Universe Probably is Incorrect

I'm not a "heat deather" for a few reasons I'm going to speculate about here:

(1) The Pauli-Exclusion Principle states the following: No two fermions of the same kind may simultaneously occupy the same quantum state. Ergo it is technically impossible for a black hole to contain a singularity of infinite energy density, unless of course the black hole is composed only of bosons. However, I hypothesize that black holes actually convert bosons into fermis via hawking radiation.

(2) I also hypothesize that it is impossible for fermis to enter the event horizon of a black hole, which is why those giant jet streams of ultra-hot particles are always being observed near black holes (or maybe it's converted to anti-mass).

(3) Heat entropy goes in reverse at sufficiently cold vacuum states, such as out between the expanses of the galaxies where space is endlessly stretching. This extreme cold state of the universe actually is responsible for bose-einstienien condensation which brings bosons into a same energy level state. I hypothesize that as the universe cools down a lot that fermions are converted back into bosons and dark matter.

(4) Heat entropy does not increase linearly with time and gravitational entropy does not decrease linearly with time, as heat deathers assume they do, but rather chaotically rises up and down over time like the stock market. Every time a star goes nova or a big bang occurs, that represents a spike upwards in heat entropy and a spike downwards in gravitational entropy. Every time a black hole forms in the hot centers of galaxies or a cloud of bosons condenses out in the cold vacuums of space, that represents a spike downwards in heat entropy and a spike upwards in gravitational entropy.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

VG Tribute

Here is a tribute to video games old and new. The music is from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Street Fighter 2010. The screenshots were taken off various websites.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

The DARPA Robotic Race Challenges (and Google)

This is really cool stuff, as Confuscious says "a baby must take it's first step before walking a thousand miles". That's what we're seeing with robotic vehicles these days, thanks largely due to DARPA :)

The DARPA Grand Challenge (2005):

The DARPA Urban Challenge (2007):

Update - Also, thanks to Google for expanding upon these projects with Google's Autonomous Cars taking to the Streets.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1984 Whiteman AFB Incident

It's likely that you probably have heard the stories about UFO's tampering with the nukes at US and Russian missile sites from most credible news services recently, here is a much more detailed account of one of those incidents occuring (I sort of drew an illustration of in a Battlezone-esque manner in this blogposting, sweet)!

Note - The above image is merely this blogger's illustration of what happened, not an actual scale drawing of the incident. The actual story goes as follows:

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