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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Rebuttal to the Buddhist Concept of Self

The buddhist believes that he/she is one with the universe (ergo the self is the universe), whereas I define the boundries of "self" as being where functionality stops. When people are interacting with something then suddenly the two systems become one, but when they stop interacting the system splits back into two separate systems once again.

The boundaries of self is dependent on what function you are serving at a given time, the boundaries of ego are constantly inflating and deflating with your conscious functionality. If you happen to be driving then your ego merges with the vehicle that you are controling, if you are using a camera or computer, playing sports, etc, your ego merges with whatever function you are performing.

i.e. People can be one with a golf club if they happen to be in the process of using that golf club, but as soon as that golf club goes back into the bag it becomes a separate entity, no longer a part of the user (except that the golf club becomes a part of the bag which then becomes a part of the caddy or golfcart, but if you carry the golfbag then it remains a part of yourself). The buddhist would have you believe that your self is permanently attached to that golf club regardless (and the rest of the universe for that matter), independent of whether you are using it or carrying it or

Monday, September 27, 2010

Feynman's Fear

"....I believe that one of the greatest dangers to modern society, is the possible resurgeance and expansion of the ideas of thought control...." Richard P. Feynman

The following contains some quotes from that lecture Feynman on "What is and should be the role of scientific culture in modern society"

...This modern society seems to be threatened by a number of serious threats, and the one that I would like to concentrate on and which will in fact be the central theme...of my discussion is that I believe that one of the greatest dangers to modern society, is the possible resurgeance and expansion of the ideas of thought control; such ideas as Hitler had, or Stalin in his time, or the Catholic Religion in the Middle Ages, or the Chinese today. I think one of the greatest dangers of today is that it shall increase until it encompasses all of the world...

...another thing that bothers me, I might as well mention, are the things that theologians in modern times can discuss, without feeling ashamed of themselves...some of the things that go on in the conferences of religion...are ridiculous in modern of the reasons why this can keep going, is that it is not realized what a profound modification of our (scientific) worldview would result, if just one example of these things (absurd religious claims) would really work...on the other hand, why don't we just get rid of it?...

(blogger's note here - this was left as an open question in Feynman's lecture in the 1960's, but it seems like the internet is doing just that these days by rapidly debunking most of the absurd religious claims that are out there)

...What's the right report (scientific) results? Disinterestedly, so that the other man is free to understand precisely what you are saying, and as nearly as possible not covering it (results from the data) with your desires...

...such things as propaganda should be considered a dirty word...a description of a country made by the people of another country should describe that country in a disinterested way...

...advertising, for example, is an example (more often than not) of a scientifically immoral description of the products. This immorality is so extensive that one gets used to it in ordinary life, that you do not appreciate that it is (often times) a bad thing. And I think that one of the important reasons to increase the contact of scientists with the rest of society is to explain, and to wake them up to...[not] having information always in a form which is (self) interesting...

...The other thing that gives a scientific man the creeps in the world today are the methods of choosing leaders - in every nation. Today, for example, in the United States, the two political parties have decided to employ public relations men, that is, advertising men, who are trained in the necessary methods of telling the truth and lying in order to develop a product. This wasn't the original (forefather's) idea. They (candidates) are supposed to discuss ideas and not just make up slogans. It's true, if you look in history, however, that choosing political leaders in the United States (and elsewhere too) has been on many occasians based on slogans...

Then you need to purchase The Pleasure of Finding Things Out for a few dollars to get the rest of the lecture and discover many other cool things too.

note: All interjections and clarifications that I input are in parantheses ().

Saturday, September 25, 2010

All Governments Are Corrupt

All governments look out for their own interests, they all engage in espionage, imperialism, torture, propaganda, and deception so long as (1) it benefits them and (2) they can get away with it by political justification or without being caught. The only difference among governments is that some of them are way more successful at it than others are. Here is a strategy playbook from some of the best:

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Common Wealth and The Hierarchy

The Common Wealth (Freemasons)
The Hierarchy (Illuminati)

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Photos from Model Train Convention Swap Meet

Note: Here are some images I recently took from a hobby HO and Lionel Train Convention that I attended. There are all kinds of things that you can do with these model trains these days, especially with computers and various sensors and electronic controls. I just love these things so much :)

Here are some of the model trees:

Here are some of the model buildings:

Note - this last display from 2020 Hobbies had oscillating and rotating parts.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Buoyant Saucer Design

Here is a conversation I had with ATR1337 on Youtube about the video UFO Technology Revealed:

QF: Very nice concept, however, I doubt this could go very fast, and it probably would be quite unstable in terms of linear and angular motion (think helium balloon) if there was sufficient wind.

ATR1337: The craft is quite light and thus it requires little energy to move it. Stability is achieved via it's 360 degree thrust vectoring and on board computers that can make thousands of adjustments a minute. Stealth craft are the same way, very unstable and use computers to stabilize them.

QF: Perhaps it can be stable, I'll bet people (hobbyists and professionals alike) could make a remote controlled saucer on this concept. My other curiosity is what sort of material to use that can be airtight and also withstand 1 atm pressure while displacing more air than it weighs, and can also get the weight of the vacuum pumps, battery or power source, fan, servo motors, computers, etc on board...anyhow, the craft is probably doable, I think it would be cool to be able to make one for myself.

ATR1337: I would imagine titanium would be enough to fit the bill. Even more so would be carbon nano tube materials. Extremely light and strong. The Japanese have plans to build an elevator cable to space out of nano tubes and if it's strong enough to support a structure that large I think it could withstand vacuum containment.

QF: Very cool, however I'll bet there is no way for it to go into space though.

ATR1337: People only ever assumed these craft operate in space... They don't. Though the concept can be used to take things closer to space and be used as a launching point into space.

QF: Thanks for that ATR1337.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Comets may have brought life to Earth: new study

This one is just too cool not to post:

( -- Life on Earth as we know it really could be from out of this world. New research from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists shows that comets that crashed into Earth millions of years ago could have produced amino acids - the building blocks of life.

Computer simulations show that long chains containing carbon-nitrogen bonds can form during shock compression of a cometary ice. Upon expansion, the long chains break apart to form complexes containing the protein building amino acid glycine.

Amino acids are critical to life and serve as the building blocks of proteins, which are linear chains of amino acids.

In the Sept. 12 online edition of the journal Nature Chemistry, LLNL’s Nir Goldman and colleagues found that simple molecules found within comets (such as water, ammonia, methylene and carbon dioxide) just might have been instigators of life on Earth. His team discovered that the sudden compression and heating of cometary ices crashing into Earth can produce complexes resembling the amino acid, glycine.

For rest of the article - Comets May Have Brought Life to Earth: New Study

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Case Study: Pentagon Flight 77

Nothing like a Solidworks presentation synched up with security camera evidence and the detailed photos of the wreckage to demonstrate that the official story, a Boeing 757 Flight 77, really did hit the Pentagon as opposed to being a small plane or missile. This crash was nothing less than the sadistic homicidal actions of fundamentalist religious jihadist, and also an all out declaration of war against the United States of America.

Here is a print screen freeze frame of the security video that I took and then circled the various truths with yellow. That orange thing in the bottom right is a cone. Each one of those gas tanks on the plane is about a 2000 gallon molitov cocktail flying about 200 or 300 miles per hour or so (some cars with 20 gallon gas tanks obviously go about half to three quarters that fast too, but the kinetic energy, the damage, and the fireball would be much smaller if it were a car or small plane or something else like that).

Snopes even tackles this one about a missile hitting the Pentagon...apparently the outer Pentagon wall is about 24 inch thick reinforced concrete and the interior 4 layers (my guess from the photos) are about a foot thick of reinforced concrete each.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Second Life Eternity?

Update: Here is a TED Talks video about Second Life.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sci-Minded Creativity

Click to Enlarge Images (click with center wheel to open in a new tab):







Just some sci-brained creativity why not!?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good Business Audiobooks

CLICK IMAGES to ENLARGE (click with center wheel to open in a new screen):

Scott Fox Blog (very practical information)

Buzzmachine - Jeff Jarvis Blog

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Positive Psychology

Update 11/24/2011 - Here is a diagram I got from one of Tom Lombardo's Slide Show's that touches on the idea of ideal flow :-]

Positive Psychology - Positive psychology, which is the key for having genuine happiness in life according to modern psychology, entails maintaining a healthy balance of 3 main things in life:

(1) Purpose, which is essentially having a big goal or master plan that you're working towards accomplishing in life. Everybody ought to have their own mission agenda(s) that they are working towards in life since everybody has an ego, psychologically speaking.

(2) Flow, which is accomplishing the important tasks and goals along the way that are necessary to gain more access toward achieving your mission agenda(s) in life. It may be necessary to modify your planned action steps whenever there is a holdup that is preventing you from achieving your goals, and in fact it may be advisable to routinely readjust your action steps depending on how turbulent your mission agenda is at any given time. In more turbulent times, the more accurate and quicker the feedback you get on your routines, the better you can assess how to readjust your action steps, whereas in more laminar times it may be advantageous to challenge yourself toward even more complex tasks.

(3) Pleasure, which is rewarding yourself in proportion to your task accomplishments, is an extremely important mechanism that enhances your desirability for more success. The more you succeed, the more ability that you gain and thereby the more complexity you can handle too. You'll get bored if you don't handle gradually increasing complexity in your life, and you'll get anxious if you have to handle too much complexity that you are not skilled enough for though. The ideal is to consistently oscillate between a psychological state of arousal, flow, and control as you continually increase in your skill and in the complexity of your life tasks, and thereby narrowing in on your mission agenda in life. :-]

Friday, September 3, 2010

Stephen Hawking gives advice

The universe is a game of dice, set your sights on the stars instead of your toes, science always wins, and work gives meaning to life.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Roger Penrose - Aeons Before the Big Bang

Roger Penrose is so so very close to being right, except for the fact that black holes are very very hot, not very very cold. He is confusing gravitational entropy which is huge with heat entropy which is actually extremely low in a black hole.

Also, he doesn't seem to realize that supercooled particles in space condense back together as einstienian-bose condensation.

The belief that the entropy of the universe always increases is the thing that should be experimentally called into question. The idea of "the arrow of time-entropy" is actually a first order approximation based on current observations, actually very little is known about the way in which heat and gravitational entropy behaves at the extremes of hot high density physics aside from the fact that the high energy particles from nuclear forces are being released, and cold vacuum state physics aside from the fact that particles seem to become frictionless and superconducting bose-einstienian condensates which both support my Infinite Universe Model hypothesis.

Infinite Universe Model

My hypothesis is that the universe operates like a perpetual motion lava lamp. In the hottest densist regions (black holes) particles are being spit out at near the speed of light, and in the coldest most vacuous regions of space particles are condensing back together.

(The main idea is that probability amplitudes are dependent on entropy values, as temperature decreases the entropy of a system increases, and as entropy increases the probability amplitudes shift toward particles converging together (kinetic energy is converted to mass energy)....or as temperature increases the entropy of a system decreases, and as entropy decreases the probability amplitudes shift toward particles diverging from each other (mass energy is converted to kinetic energy))

I hypothesize that while gravitational entropy decreases as a result of the universe expanding and cooling down, the thermal entropy increases, and probability amplitudes thereby cause particles to become superconducting and frictionless superfluids, fermions transform into bosons and dark matter, everything randomly starts condensing back together in the coldest most vacuous regions of space out there in the vast disances between the galaxies:

In the parts where particles are merging back together the quickest at the galactic centers in black holes, while gravitational entropy is being ramped up a huge amount the particles are escaping their fate because the thermal entropy is being significantly decreased (a lot of heat being crammed into a small volume of space), bosons are being transformed into dark energy and fermions which thereby separate from each other at high velocities (the Big Bang is an example of this too). Black holes, and therefore Hawking Radiation, are observed in the hottest most densist regions of space at the centers of galaxies: