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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Challenge for Hawking

Would a species that participates in a lot of high stakes zero sum games make it very far beyond their own star system? There isn't very much resources in space, would it be wise for a spacefaring species to attack a civilization that has the home field advantage as opposed to, say, landing on the rest of the uninhabited planets in our solar system? Why would an advanced civilization participate in zero sum games such as war? Such thoughts stem from our own primitive prejudices.

Wherein is the hostility? Am I to believe that alien life forms value mass energy consumption? Shouldn't it be logically concluded that mass energy consumption is contrary to sustainability in the long run?

I think that the very nature of competition evolves as intelligence evolves. The new competitions for humankind, for example, take place in the form of technology and business. I think the aliens would hack into our communication systems and try to decipher how we function, and then try to reengineer us to function differently, end goal being to change our society to serve their purposes, and possibly they might contribute to our quality of life in the process too.

Or, on an even playing field, they might achieve a mutually benefitial relationship with us, in game theory as in economics that is a much better way to go about an exchange between intelligent species.

Stephen Hawking: alien life is out there, scientist warns

For the record, this is not the first time I've challenged Hawking's bad thinking on this blog either, in fact that article is in direct contradiction to something he said earlier about that probability of alien existance in our nearby galaxy being extremely low:

Intelligence in the Milky Way Galaxy

In the end, it doesn't matter how intelligent an individual or a species is, there are always high degrees of uncertainty in any exchange. Just like in poker, due to the uncertainty factor, one intelligent individual might fold a hand that would have become a royal flush, while another intelligent individual might go all in on a hand that actually amounts to a loss in the end, although the one that folded the royal flush didn't go bankrupt. Hawking's logic is essentially that, folding, not transmitting radio waves will ensure that we don't lose big time in such an exchange, even if such an exchange could potentially result in huge winnings.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Thoughts about Zeitgeist

Overall a good movie, but "Zeitgeist: Addendum" goes too far on some counts, and then it doesn't go far enough on others. The creepy looking eye signifies the government is trying to control you through subtle propaganda. Here are a few points of contention I'd like to make about the movie:

(1) Money isn't evil, it is a life-source that people currently need to live on.
(2) Corporations aren't evil, they are the current means to the net advancement of technology.
(3) Our technology simply isn't evolved to the point whereby oil can be replaced yet.
(4) Subsidization of alternative energy sources is an empowerment to bigger government.
(5) Healthy competition is necessary for the continued diversity and evolution of technology, humanity and life, while oneness and uniformity would be our downfall.

Other than those few points of contention, a good movie that I generally agree with the gist of, albeit that I believe in the law of supply and demand for technology whereby these Zeitgeisters believe that technology can somehow be entirely for free (nothing is free though, thus is the basic nature of entropy, in our society it is money that acts as the mediation between entropic work being done and thereby complexity evolving or order being restored, the accumulation of wealth is the difference between being free and being in submission to those whom are free, it is political freedom that allows people to work the economic system to gain their true financial freedoms but eliminating political constraints doesn't necessarily create an economic utopia whereby everybody wins though, there will always be winners and losers just like in poker or any other kind of game theoretic system that involves some combination of strategy and chance, the thing that will merely evolve alongside societal progress is the definition of what constitutes "winning" and that will naturally become more advanced as civilization advances technologically, perhaps free time and energy will be the universal currency of the future!?, also fat chance avoiding future wars in space since wars always occur when resources are rare and competition is high due to increasing population).

Free Chaos Will

Mathematical Chaos Theory states that two events with very similar initial conditions can actually lead to completely different outcomes. Somebody could say something with merely the wrong emphasis on a syllable during a job interview which could thereby negatively impact the world for the next 30 years due to that other dumbass getting the job instead of you. Even something as mundane as a butterfly flapping it's wings by just a millimeter at just the right orgasmic moment could have entirely prevented Adolf Hitler from ever being born and the entire NAZI party wouldn't have been formed. The world is a very unstable thing, some events are fundamentally much more chaotic and unpredictable than other things, and that principle is scale invariant too.

You can't know the exact position of a given particle-wave with any greater precision than the Hiesenburg Uncertainty Principle allows for, or in some all too elaborate interpretations the position is in all possible states until the outcomes are measured, but Multiverse should perhaps be rejected based on a violation of the known conservation laws. At any rate, the slightest deviation within that subatomic uncertainty range can lead to drastically different outcomes in the measurement.

Now, multiply that subatomic uncertainty times every single particle-wave in the entire universe and you've got a-hell-of-a-lot-of possible outcomes, and yet only one possible outcome range for momentum and position or time and energy is measurable for each of the individual particles in the Universe. Consequently, history is just as unpredictable as the future is, especially in the long term after many events have occured. For instance, you can't determine the exact state of the universe before the Big Bang occured, or even the exact state of the Universe at any given time for that matter.

On top of all that, one can't even predict the exact outcome trajectory of an N-body collision between more than 3 unrestrained masses because, aside from stating that the energy and the linear and angular momentum of the system are conserved as is consistant with statistical thermodynamics, it turns out there are far more variables than there are equations for estimating the exact trajectories for all the particles involved in a given classical or quantum system. It is, therefore, Bayesian Statistics which is necessary for determining how unrestrained physical systems fundamentally behave in the long term, even if they behave rather mechanicaly in the short term their behaviour will eventually deviate toward entropy with repeat trials (that's why we have to clean things such as washing our clothes and why we have preventative as in oil change and diagnostic as in engine repair type maintanence progams, why we have many other order sustaining activities $$$, etc).

Ergo, I posit the existance of "Free Chaos Will". Everything in nature has Free Chaos Will, which means we can't predict the exact outcome of any event with any greater precision than certainties will allow. Aside from the conservation of energy and linear and angular momentum given by statistical mechanics, at the subatomic level there are also a few more quantities which are conserved such as charge, probability, weak isospin, and color charge, and then there are also CPT, spacetime, and other physical symmetries which apply to nature as well. Apart from all those physical constraints that nature subjects itself to, nature seems to possess some degree of Free Chaos Will for determining how the rest of causality all plays out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Alien with a Tobacco Message

This is a cropped image of an alien poster that somebody, uh, gave me way back when I was in high school. Cool concept poster, but I've never seen more than one of them, lol. Now it's on the web though, with the anti-tobacco message in all it's cool glory for everybody to see (it's much better than the printing of baby pictures on cigarrette cartons, IMO). I just always liked the idea of something a little bit more intelligent giving us a smart message, haha.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Perfect Speed Runs

"Perfection is where speed, accuracy, and precision are 100%" .... Math

"It is wise to learn from the best" (somebody probably said this)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Personal Best Minesweeper Scores vs World Champion

What the heck, it's not quite the world record, but might as well keep track of this information anyway:

Apparently, Kamil Maranski is the insanely quick former world record holder though (36 seconds on expert, cool music too):

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Penn and Teller Bullshit - Nostradamus

Original Source at TriluLilu....note - if video is playing choppy, then it might work better downloading to realplayer.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

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Thursday, April 1, 2010