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Saturday, February 12, 2011

On Supply and Demand, Selling Out, and "Beating the Devil"

I think this song by Johnny Cash about beating the metaphorical "Devil" (of the music industry in his case) gets more profound each time you listen to it. Supply and Demand is a harsh mistress, and poverty is the scariest devil there is when people (in general) are supplying what they love but it's not in demand by anybody else. People are often times tempted to start delivering or supplying what they don't actually love and care to be delivering, just because there is a real world demand for it and it will bring them money. That is what the phrase "sold out" often times means when applied to a band, and how the phrase "selling your soul" means in a secular sense (by no means should that be judged negatively by other people though, because any form of success is good success, actually the only rightful judges are when people are judging themselves):

Here is Supply and Demand in it's best representation, to use a bowling analogy, notice there's a pascals triangle in there, AND a ying yang, plus a bowling ball too. Yes, it must be a great feeling to "sell out" and start making tons of money on delivering something that you may not necessarily love yourself. However, sometimes, in rare cases, people are successful in supplying exactly what they love doing to the masses, which is the metaphorical "Beating the Devil at his game" and winning the "golden fiddle" that has somewhat of a symbolism amongst artists and performers, and it also applies to the rest of us as well:

The sweetest victory is when people succeed at what they love...when they beat the odds by having their American Dream come true, when they metaphorically "Beat the Devil" AND "Get the Gold" as well :>