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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Roger Penrose - Aeons Before the Big Bang

Roger Penrose is so so very close to being right, except for the fact that black holes are very very hot, not very very cold. He is confusing gravitational entropy which is huge with heat entropy which is actually extremely low in a black hole.

Also, he doesn't seem to realize that supercooled particles in space condense back together as einstienian-bose condensation.

The belief that the entropy of the universe always increases is the thing that should be experimentally called into question. The idea of "the arrow of time-entropy" is actually a first order approximation based on current observations, actually very little is known about the way in which heat and gravitational entropy behaves at the extremes of hot high density physics aside from the fact that the high energy particles from nuclear forces are being released, and cold vacuum state physics aside from the fact that particles seem to become frictionless and superconducting bose-einstienian condensates which both support my Infinite Universe Model hypothesis.