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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Rebuttal to the Buddhist Concept of Self

The buddhist believes that he/she is one with the universe (ergo the self is the universe), whereas I define the boundries of "self" as being where functionality stops. When people are interacting with something then suddenly the two systems become one, but when they stop interacting the system splits back into two separate systems once again.

The boundaries of self is dependent on what function you are serving at a given time, the boundaries of ego are constantly inflating and deflating with your conscious functionality. If you happen to be driving then your ego merges with the vehicle that you are controling, if you are using a camera or computer, playing sports, etc, your ego merges with whatever function you are performing.

i.e. People can be one with a golf club if they happen to be in the process of using that golf club, but as soon as that golf club goes back into the bag it becomes a separate entity, no longer a part of the user (except that the golf club becomes a part of the bag which then becomes a part of the caddy or golfcart, but if you carry the golfbag then it remains a part of yourself). The buddhist would have you believe that your self is permanently attached to that golf club regardless (and the rest of the universe for that matter), independent of whether you are using it or carrying it or