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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Buoyant Saucer Design

Here is a conversation I had with ATR1337 on Youtube about the video UFO Technology Revealed:

QF: Very nice concept, however, I doubt this could go very fast, and it probably would be quite unstable in terms of linear and angular motion (think helium balloon) if there was sufficient wind.

ATR1337: The craft is quite light and thus it requires little energy to move it. Stability is achieved via it's 360 degree thrust vectoring and on board computers that can make thousands of adjustments a minute. Stealth craft are the same way, very unstable and use computers to stabilize them.

QF: Perhaps it can be stable, I'll bet people (hobbyists and professionals alike) could make a remote controlled saucer on this concept. My other curiosity is what sort of material to use that can be airtight and also withstand 1 atm pressure while displacing more air than it weighs, and can also get the weight of the vacuum pumps, battery or power source, fan, servo motors, computers, etc on board...anyhow, the craft is probably doable, I think it would be cool to be able to make one for myself.

ATR1337: I would imagine titanium would be enough to fit the bill. Even more so would be carbon nano tube materials. Extremely light and strong. The Japanese have plans to build an elevator cable to space out of nano tubes and if it's strong enough to support a structure that large I think it could withstand vacuum containment.

QF: Very cool, however I'll bet there is no way for it to go into space though.

ATR1337: People only ever assumed these craft operate in space... They don't. Though the concept can be used to take things closer to space and be used as a launching point into space.

QF: Thanks for that ATR1337.

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