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Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Case Study: Pentagon Flight 77

Nothing like a Solidworks presentation synched up with security camera evidence and the detailed photos of the wreckage to demonstrate that the official story, a Boeing 757 Flight 77, really did hit the Pentagon as opposed to being a small plane or missile. This crash was nothing less than the sadistic homicidal actions of fundamentalist religious jihadist, and also an all out declaration of war against the United States of America.

Here is a print screen freeze frame of the security video that I took and then circled the various truths with yellow. That orange thing in the bottom right is a cone. Each one of those gas tanks on the plane is about a 2000 gallon molitov cocktail flying about 200 or 300 miles per hour or so (some cars with 20 gallon gas tanks obviously go about half to three quarters that fast too, but the kinetic energy, the damage, and the fireball would be much smaller if it were a car or small plane or something else like that).

Snopes even tackles this one about a missile hitting the Pentagon...apparently the outer Pentagon wall is about 24 inch thick reinforced concrete and the interior 4 layers (my guess from the photos) are about a foot thick of reinforced concrete each.