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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Infinite Universe Model

My hypothesis is that the universe operates like a perpetual motion lava lamp. In the hottest densist regions (black holes) particles are being spit out at near the speed of light, and in the coldest most vacuous regions of space particles are condensing back together.

(The main idea is that probability amplitudes are dependent on entropy values, as temperature decreases the entropy of a system increases, and as entropy increases the probability amplitudes shift toward particles converging together (kinetic energy is converted to mass energy)....or as temperature increases the entropy of a system decreases, and as entropy decreases the probability amplitudes shift toward particles diverging from each other (mass energy is converted to kinetic energy))

I hypothesize that while gravitational entropy decreases as a result of the universe expanding and cooling down, the thermal entropy increases, and probability amplitudes thereby cause particles to become superconducting and frictionless superfluids, fermions transform into bosons and dark matter, everything randomly starts condensing back together in the coldest most vacuous regions of space out there in the vast disances between the galaxies:

In the parts where particles are merging back together the quickest at the galactic centers in black holes, while gravitational entropy is being ramped up a huge amount the particles are escaping their fate because the thermal entropy is being significantly decreased (a lot of heat being crammed into a small volume of space), bosons are being transformed into dark energy and fermions which thereby separate from each other at high velocities (the Big Bang is an example of this too). Black holes, and therefore Hawking Radiation, are observed in the hottest most densist regions of space at the centers of galaxies: