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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dry Ice Bomb Craters on Mars?

The following diagram is a water pressure vs temperature phase diagram with a carbon dioxide phase diagram superimposed over the top:

I have figured that out that even at moderate temperatures such as room temperature (60 F - 100 F) carbon dioxide gas can build up to tens of atmospheres (14.7 psi = 1 atm) of pressure. Tire pressure is about 40 psi, and most air compressors that pump up tires achieve about 180 psi (15 atmospheres). If an air compressor explodes that makes a big explosion, now consider how CO2 gas can build up to about 80 atmospheres of pressure before liquidizing (or 2 phasing), an explosion of that magnitude might, just might create bomb crators on Mars!?

Here are some dry ice bombs by "dummies" on YouTube that would have been blowing the bucket a lot "huger" with the smaller gravity and atmospheric resistance of Mars. Click on link to see:

Extreme Dry Ice Bombs

If Mars once had a lot more dry ice on it then I'll bet that it should have experienced an exponential decay of dry ice crators throughout it's history.

I have officially published this research hypothesis at Scribed:

Dry Ice Bomb Craters on Mars