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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Letter Code

Would SETI be able to decode this without the key? Without the recieving device? (Click image to enlarge)

Negative, because they listen for analogue radio waves, not for geospatial signals that travel line of site! However, a ton of information could be encoded and transmitted in a single flash of a coherent laser beam using a system similar to this, there are billions of ways to encode signals and this one is kind of like a bar code scanner for secret signals. Such a signal like this one would be impossible to intercept unless you are in the line of site of the signal being transmitted, along with all the other requirements for recieving and decoding a signal.

Finding Frugal Aliens

Although, it may be hard to hit the target you are sending it to unless there is proper target tracking, but that may be simple to do with radar....or fiber optics.