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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Civilization 4 Tips

1. Make your first goal to be expansion and settling when you are just beginning. A good method is to build your cities near fresh water and also near ocean squares, first and foremostly, and secondly try to position your cities near resource rich lands because that's the backbone that your civilization will be using for the rest of the gametime, if you have plenty of extra resources at your disposal then you can use them as bargaining chips with other nations whom are "less fortunate" (if you take the resources then they need to trade with you to get them, but never give them anything they might use against you or any of their enemies for that matter because that will make their enemies mad at you).

2. Get workers to cultivate and mine the land and to estabolish trade routes between all the cities. Invest in the development of those resources you've settled on (granaries, harbors, forges, factories, aquaducts). As soon as it becomes researched, it is very helpful to build railroads between all your cities. Certainly it is important to develop farms and and villages, mines and windmills, etc. The Great Lighthouse is helpful for estabolishing trade routes between port cities. Other good resourse wonders to develop are the Three Gorges Dam and Ironworks.

3. Trading with other countries - Good bargaining techologies to trade with other countries are the mediocre governmental and religious ones that will plunge them into a temporary state of anarchy if they use, they'll pay a lot of money for your worthless crap and sometimes they'll even trade good resources and military tech in return, plus it makes them like you more thereby preventing them from going to war against you.

4. Invest in economics (banking, marketplaces, groceries). One good cultural wonder in this category is The Stock Market.

5. Invest your tax rates in science (libraries, acadamies, universities, observatories, laboratories), but just enough taxes to get the job done in the least amount of time and no more because you want to store the rest of that in the treasury. Also, it helps to build certain world wonders such as The Great Library.

6. Develop your government style, it is nice to be able to pay workers (universal suffrage) and to have a caste system that work towards emancipation, it is nice to have free speech and free religion (liberalism), it is nice to see free trade progress towards environmentalism.

7. Culture - After you're done building cities and trade routes, if you don't have anymore economic or scientific facilities to build for the time being, and you happen to be waiting on the next technology to come along, then it might be of some use to build culture expanding achievements (coloseums or even religious confuscist temples so you can send missionaries out to confuse other countries with superstitious missinformation and make their citizens demand religious structures that stifle the development of other more important structures on their development agendas). Good wonders to build include The Statue of Liberty, but generally all the other cultural wonders are helpful for increasing citizen morale later in the game.

8. Absolutely avoid going to war. War wastes resources, money, and it decreases your population which decreases your rate of innovation and rate of worker productivity. However, there is something to be said for national security though, and on the infrequent occasion where another country is being threatening, it helps to have each city armed with some defensive units and barracks so that you can periodically upgrade those defensive units throughout the game if need be, barbarians and other countries are less likely to attack if you upgrade the military units in your cities to the latest and greatest. Developing "The Pentagon" wonder is very helpful in addition to barracks. Drydocks and lighthouses are important for building military transports and ships and such.

9. Win a space victory. Develop the Apollo Program and the Space Elevator. Have each city develop the spacecraft components as quickly as possible while researching further spacecraft componenets. Do so as quickly and efficiently as possible, but be sure to arm your cities with tanks on railroads so you can quickly avert any potential attempts by other countries to sabatoge your space program with war before you get it off the ground.

I did this, I kicked ass, I launched a spacecraft in the year 1951 and won the game while everybody else was fighting over religions and resources, the following shows my scores on chieftian....

....if I had to fight a war though, hmmmm, I could have easily developed the Manhattan Project and then nuked everybody from space before they had time to develope Communism, the United Nations, and Nuclear Non-proliferation, but that would be an immoral destruction of resources and contamination of the environment that all countries need to exist, including my own in this scenario. Indeed, and one sided nuclear war would actually be considered the MOST optimal solution as far as world domination goes, essentially sending everybody back to the stone ages, quick and painless is the best kind of war anybody can hope for, as opposed to long and drawn out. Consider the fact that the middle easterners have had a long and drawn out war for the last few centuries, and yet they aren't even a superpower and never will be (their "holy land" which they fight for isn't exactly a paradise IMO, but it does by random luck of history have oil). In essense, all wars are bad wars, even the ones that you win because they take away from what you could have been discovering and creating instead....

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