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Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Thoughts about Zeitgeist

Overall a good movie, but "Zeitgeist: Addendum" goes too far on some counts, and then it doesn't go far enough on others. The creepy looking eye signifies the government is trying to control you through subtle propaganda. Here are a few points of contention I'd like to make about the movie:

(1) Money isn't evil, it is a life-source that people currently need to live on.
(2) Corporations aren't evil, they are the current means to the net advancement of technology.
(3) Our technology simply isn't evolved to the point whereby oil can be replaced yet.
(4) Subsidization of alternative energy sources is an empowerment to bigger government.
(5) Healthy competition is necessary for the continued diversity and evolution of technology, humanity and life, while oneness and uniformity would be our downfall.

Other than those few points of contention, a good movie that I generally agree with the gist of, albeit that I believe in the law of supply and demand for technology whereby these Zeitgeisters believe that technology can somehow be entirely for free (nothing is free though, thus is the basic nature of entropy, in our society it is money that acts as the mediation between entropic work being done and thereby complexity evolving or order being restored, the accumulation of wealth is the difference between being free and being in submission to those whom are free, it is political freedom that allows people to work the economic system to gain their true financial freedoms but eliminating political constraints doesn't necessarily create an economic utopia whereby everybody wins though, there will always be winners and losers just like in poker or any other kind of game theoretic system that involves some combination of strategy and chance, the thing that will merely evolve alongside societal progress is the definition of what constitutes "winning" and that will naturally become more advanced as civilization advances technologically, perhaps free time and energy will be the universal currency of the future!?, also fat chance avoiding future wars in space since wars always occur when resources are rare and competition is high due to increasing population).