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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Star of Existence

As I was stargazing, my mind was wandering in a caffeine high, organizing information. I was sitting out there in my truck for an hour listening to my Common Rider music, staring up at the big dipper in the western skies and trying to sift through the seemingly unrelated information going through my mind, I was trying to imagine the future and past, the near and the far, the big and the small, and the orderly and the chaotic. In the end, what does it all come down to for civilization? Are the ends of innovation the merging of mind with perfect mathematical abstraction and the merging of that with nature, thereby mathematical abstraction being the alpha and omega of mind and nature? Has there ever been an alien civilization so advanced that they designed themselves right out of existence by achieving oneness with nature, that end of which Buddhists consider to be Nirvana, that which theists consider to be intelligent design of God, that which atheists consider to be the perpetuation and self organization of the natural Universe!?