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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free Chaos Will

Mathematical Chaos Theory states that two events with very similar initial conditions can actually lead to completely different outcomes. Somebody could say something with merely the wrong emphasis on a syllable during a job interview which could thereby negatively impact the world for the next 30 years due to that other dumbass getting the job instead of you. Even something as mundane as a butterfly flapping it's wings by just a millimeter at just the right orgasmic moment could have entirely prevented Adolf Hitler from ever being born and the entire NAZI party wouldn't have been formed. The world is a very unstable thing, some events are fundamentally much more chaotic and unpredictable than other things, and that principle is scale invariant too.

You can't know the exact position of a given particle-wave with any greater precision than the Hiesenburg Uncertainty Principle allows for, or in some all too elaborate interpretations the position is in all possible states until the outcomes are measured, but Multiverse should perhaps be rejected based on a violation of the known conservation laws. At any rate, the slightest deviation within that subatomic uncertainty range can lead to drastically different outcomes in the measurement.

Now, multiply that subatomic uncertainty times every single particle-wave in the entire universe and you've got a-hell-of-a-lot-of possible outcomes, and yet only one possible outcome range for momentum and position or time and energy is measurable for each of the individual particles in the Universe. Consequently, history is just as unpredictable as the future is, especially in the long term after many events have occured. For instance, you can't determine the exact state of the universe before the Big Bang occured, or even the exact state of the Universe at any given time for that matter.

On top of all that, one can't even predict the exact outcome trajectory of an N-body collision between more than 3 unrestrained masses because, aside from stating that the energy and the linear and angular momentum of the system are conserved as is consistant with statistical thermodynamics, it turns out there are far more variables than there are equations for estimating the exact trajectories for all the particles involved in a given classical or quantum system. It is, therefore, Bayesian Statistics which is necessary for determining how unrestrained physical systems fundamentally behave in the long term, even if they behave rather mechanicaly in the short term their behaviour will eventually deviate toward entropy with repeat trials (that's why we have to clean things such as washing our clothes and why we have preventative as in oil change and diagnostic as in engine repair type maintanence progams, why we have many other order sustaining activities $$$, etc).

Ergo, I posit the existance of "Free Chaos Will". Everything in nature has Free Chaos Will, which means we can't predict the exact outcome of any event with any greater precision than certainties will allow. Aside from the conservation of energy and linear and angular momentum given by statistical mechanics, at the subatomic level there are also a few more quantities which are conserved such as charge, probability, weak isospin, and color charge, and then there are also CPT, spacetime, and other physical symmetries which apply to nature as well. Apart from all those physical constraints that nature subjects itself to, nature seems to possess some degree of Free Chaos Will for determining how the rest of causality all plays out.