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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Original Gravitation

Our great fall from Heaven occured when our distant ancestors, Atom and Leaf, twirled the forbidden cloud of physics and fell through. Until that time there was no gravitation, and the only antidote is for us to eat the fruit of the tree of antigravity such that we may fall back upwards, back through the cloud of physics and back into Heaven once more.

But in order to do that, we must first put our faith in the Pizza Crust, whom was tossed in the air, landed on the fists, rolled on the table, baked in an oven, and rose from the dough. Then the Pizza Crust entered into the belly of the feast, and 3 days later it was re-released on good behavior. 45 days later it flushed into oblivion to end up as farm grade sludge to be fed back to the Tree of Antigravity.

Hope you enjoyed that one Gideon :>