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Thursday, July 30, 2009

CEOs rate Obama

I found an intriguing article in Newsweek whereby CEOs are rating Obama's performance as US president. Of particular note are the following responses:

Cypress Semiconductor - a libertarian response (note: Clintonomics was good for business here because it allowed US businesses to get around ethics and pollution violations by producing in China)

Boeing - a socialist response (note: Boeing gets a lot of government funded projects, they're happy with whatever the national gameplan is, in this case it's essentially international cooperation on a future moon mission....that can have huge international payoffs if and when fusion energy becomes feasible, a very low probability)

Anadarko Petroleum - A republican response (note: Armagedon was a real possiblity if McCain won since domestic oil drilling would have completely snubbed Russia in oil profits and it would have also been bad for the cause of Chinese environmental issues while only helping the American economy)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Uncertainty Prevents Hard Determinism

The Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle provides a universal limit on determinism. The future is no more determined than the quantum uncertainties of position and momentum or of time and energy allow for. The Universe, in effect, plays dice. Those quantum uncertainties are amplified on the macro-scale via the Butterfly Effect whereby the slightest difference in initial conditions results in a completely different outcome after only a few iterations of quantum diffraction and collisions. Thus is, for example, why the weather is predicted based on chance and probability instead of with a sense of absolute certainty.


Picture #1: Feynman's Lectures on Physics, Volume 3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The New World Order

Bring it on, where and when do I sign up for joining that? How much will I be recieving in my large Swiss(?) Bank Accounts?

If I join this kind of organization, can I make North American and Asian people channel 90% of their tax dollars directly ino a big top secret money laundering operation in Europe in order to fund the development of better globalized technologies and ever greater global productivity?

What about tapping all the "untapped" natural resources in Africa and transporting them to Russia to be sold on the underground market for pure profits? (Note: they pay higher taxes anyway, and also have a less transparent federal banking system than the US does)

How about forcing the scientists from the USA to team up with Russian and Chinese scientists to collaborate on a moon mission in order to mine the Helium-3 for use in fusion powered generators in order to supplant the globalized demands for and reliance on carbon based energy?

Can't I force the South Americans to replenish the rainforests with faster growing shrub trees (unimpeded by a canopy, such as bogenvillas or such) in order to more quickly scrub the globalized air of CO2 content?

etc, etc, etc...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boltzman's Probable Entropy

Note: The dark energy density bumper gradient is put in there to ensure the universe bounces somewhat like the boundaries of the glass container. I've never seen that before per say, but it does seem somewhat of a necessity for a cyclic universe model. Obviously there is also some entropy that occurs at the crunches and bangs, well perhaps, I can't imagine galaxies experiencing inelastic collisions or anything like that.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Morality in Evolutionary Probabilities

Morality is found in evolution and probabilities. Basically, morality is dictated by survival via playing the odds and immorality is dictated by perishment and playing against the odds. Thusly, all things that exist and replicate can be considered moral in an evolutionary sense while all things that stop replicating are evolutionarily immoral. The civilization that nukes itself to annihilation is immoral while the civilization that expands outwards throughout the universe and survives efficiently (that involves energy conservation and proper distribution of resources and knowledge) is thereby moral.

Memes and Temes

History has shown that societies that allow for personal freedoms tend to allow for more traditions and technological accomplishments to replicate which is thereby moral, while societies that limit personal freedoms tend to fail and become forgotten (who, after all, remembers USSR accomplishments in space or any of the individual accomplishments that occured in Sparta? Compare to Ancient Athens and the USA and many countries in Europe).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Top 5 Measurement Instruments

1. Pitot Tube

2. Carbon Mass Spectrometer

3. Digital Scales

4. Digital Multimeter

5. Venturi Flow Meter

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Philosophy

NOTE: This is an update to what was previously called a checklist, lol.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Why Not Worship a 'Natural' God Instead?

There is plenty of evidence for, say, the existance of gravity. In fact, none of us would be here if it weren't for gravitation exserting it's mighty force upon our massive bodies. Why not worship gravity then? We all know the great and powerful things that gravity does, after all, since we experience it every second of the day.

Or even better, why not worship electricity? We have all been amazed about the great and wonderful things that electricity does for us on a daily basis. I couldn't be typing this message to you without the beautiful wonders of electricity and the transisters that make it all possible. We all know that electricity loves us so much because it does almost unlimited things for us all the time, right? Need I explain what electricity can do unto you if you disobey the manufacturer's warning label? It can taze you, dead, in no time if you operate on your computer hardware without first unplugging it from the all powerful 120/208 Vrms AC 20 ampere rated wall socket. After all, our dumbass ancestors, the same ones whom wrote the Bible would have worshipped such an impressive display of technological achievement.

I'll even take the time to compare electricity with your stupid supernatural god. Try as your god might, with all his willpower, he will never be able to pull the CPU plug out of my wall socket. Too late, this message got to you before your god could do anything about it because your god is imaginary.

Also, I don't worship natural things, I actually was just joking there.


Picture #2, Feynman's Lectures Volume 2

Picture #3, Hat Tip Phillychief

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Feynman Quote

"God was invented to explain mystery. God is always invented to explain those things that you do not understand. Now, when you finally discover how something works, you get some laws which you're taking away from God; you don't need him anymore. But you need him for the other mysteries. So therefore you leave him to create the universe because we haven't figured that out yet; you need him for understanding those things which you don't believe the laws will explain, such as consciousness, or why you only live to a certain length of time -- life and death -- stuff like that. God is always associated with those things that you do not understand. Therefore I don't think that the laws can be considered to be like God because they have been figured out."


Friday, July 3, 2009

Greater Purposes

Belief in a greater purpose is good so long as there is an actual proof of a greater purpose. There are many purposes in the world which are greater than ourselves which results from the goals or agendas of those groups or individuals whom are larger than us. Should we choose to fight for independence or equality? Should we submit to the betterment of the average quality of life or to the advancement of our own lives, or perhaps those goals are not necessarily mutually exclusive? These things which are movements we as humans can adopt as our own purposes in life, or we can set our own goals and go for them. There are always optimal strategies that fit different people in different life situations, and those optimal strategies are dependent on what their personal short and longterm goals are. Life comes down to a big game of probabilities, actions, and payoffs or losses. Sometimes it's optimal for people to switch their goals and strategies depending on their circumstances.

The bad thing is to believe in a greater purpose that we haven't analyzed thoroughly and at least estimated the end results based on the best solid evidence that is available. The other bad thing is to set goals which aren't grounded in reality or to attempt strategies which aren't based on the rules of the game.