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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blogging Eventually ....

and one of my other readers besides Rita will eventually say something intelligent.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Superstition Disorder

The religious lack faith in the scientific method to reveal the truth, especially when it disproves the authorities of which they place their complete faith in. Sure, the religious say they have faith in the supernatural, but what they really have faith in is superstition.

They believe that if they live their lives according to some code of morality that it will bring them success and rewards, which is partially true in some instances. Obeying the 10 Commandments and living as a humble servant or following the 8-fold path of Buddhism and trying to achieve nirvanna or doing the polytheism hindu thing, regardless of the reason why, will increase their odds of impressing employers or making friends in the community, sure. The whole problem is that they fundamentally misunderstand causality when they do. They percieve that the rewards are coming from praying to the imaginary guy-in-the-sky or that karma is paying them back or that they are attracting cosmic chi, but they don't see how life's rewards are directly and causally related to their own actions or worse yet they expect the government to compensate for their superstitions when they are not working properly.

Of course, these superstitions then becomes a severe limit to their further success in life, they keep on doing more and more of the superstitious things and yet it's not helping them anymore because there is no causal link between the activity they participate in and the results that occur elsewhere in their lives. This superstition is essentially a disorder, a Superstition Disorder. This not only affects the religious, however, but it also affects every one of us. There are activities that we all obsessively engage in that we believe will improve us or improve our situations but in the end don't yeild the desired results. By all means everybody, to keep on doing what you're doing and to expecting different results is by it's very nature superstitious, this behavior is how Einstien defines insanity.