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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flow Fields, Vorticity, and Turbulence

Note: Pictures 2 and 6 were taken from The Feynman Lectures on Physics including Feynman's Tips on Physics: The Definitive and Extended Edition (Hardcover) .... if you are interested in learning more about Feynman and his physics lectures, then perhaps you might want to buy the book or rent it from the local library :-)

The other pictures were taken from online and the handwritten flow field calculations were scanned into the computer.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Numeral Systems

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Secular Bible

The Secular Hell:

All things hypothesized can be shown incorrect through scrutiny, assuming that it is incorrect, but in the case where things hypothesized are correct they can't be shown to be incorrect. Many parts of this "The Secular Bible" have the potential of being proved incorrect, or unfortunately, at least vague enough to be interpretable in multiple ways.

The Secular Genesis:

In the beginning a probability density created the Multiverse and this Universe. This universe was without form and void and the black hole was hovering over space-time. Then an instability point was reached via Hawking radiation causing a big bang and terratons of electromagnetic and nuclear radiation! And over eons of time there formed matter within the space-time and the matter separated out into planets and stars and galaxies within the space-time.

At about 8 billion years ABB (after big bang) the Earth was formed and there was RNA and single celled photosynthesizing organisms and there was fusion in the stars to the third generation, and it was good! Then, by the forces of evolution, the cells gradually turned into plants and animals of all kinds over millions of years. Then came man and the hominid species, the first intelligent life with the capability of rational thought, and mankind was to cultivate the Earth and conquer the forces of nature, and so it happened. And it seemed as though the rest of the universe was sleeping or non-evolved yet because it was taking so long for evolution to happen for the emergence of mankind and there was no other signs of life to be detected in the universe either, so mankind dreamed up the spiritual realm and gave up on the pursuit of knowledge for a millennium, which thereby plunged mankind into the depravity of the dark ages and nearly brought the complete extinction of all of humanity.

But, that was for a time, but by the sheer willpower of the few whom were rational and brave enough to speak out against these dogmatic Papal crimes against the human intellect the world has gained the freedom and the technical know-how to conquer the dark forces of extinction of our very own species. Our human salvation is completely within our own willpower and rational capabilities, but only if we continue to fight against the pure evils of human ignorance and the peer pressure of the dogmas and authority figures of past times can we come to know of an existence that is unbounded by presumption, of an existence where all things can be understood by scientific theories that have come purely by objective observations and are based on the sound foundations of mathematical rigor. In that existence, all things of physical nature can be understood under a grand unified theory, and all possibilities can be considered, weighed, and then decided upon by the consensus of the most elite of humanity as per was elected by the properly educated masses of the human race and that of all other intelligent beings in the universe.

The Secular Proverbs:

1:1) The world of mathematics is all-logical and without error, and there can only be one all-logical entity.

1:2) Wisdom comes from trial and error, which is how the scientific method operates.

1:3) Wise folks anchor their beliefs on the sound foundation of mathematical logic and use the established scientific method for discovery, while foolish people anchor their beliefs on the authority figures of current or previous times.

1:4) Objective evidence is what supports or destroys theories, not blind faith, so let nobody say they have the truth without logical rigor

1:5) Be not swayed by the evils of subjectivity, for a reward is its promise and a life of anticipation is its game but irrationality is its snare, and its venom stuns humanity at the very soul.

1:6) If we say we believe something, yet we do not have any proof, then we have deceived ourselves and the truth is not in us

1:7) Let no man or woman esteem another man's or woman's thoughts as being above the realm of logical inquiry, so that nobody can boast of divine inspiration as a source of insight

2:1) An idea in the mind is a great thing. An idea down on paper is an even better thing. An idea that has been tried, tested, prototyped, sold to a manufacture, mass marketed, and mass consumed is even better still. Ultimately, though, if the idea benefits the overall quality of life and environment, then it can be considered among the best ideas out there.

2:2) Always take care to research and reiterate on the matters which are misunderstood or that don’t add up, and then you may eventually find out the details that you or they are lacking. Then reiterate with the missing details once again, to see if your new thoughts make better sense.

2:3) Always congratulate yourself for doing a good job when you have taken the path of right action. The path of righteousness can only be followed when one proceeds with intellect, honesty, integrity, and above all, reason.

2:4) Reason is the true source of all wisdom and understanding, not trust or faith.

2:5) Question that, which has widely been accepted as fact, until you are either convinced of its truthfulness or falseness. Remain a skeptic or a believer, however, until there is better evidence that it is either true or false. Be sure to check that evidence with what you know, and then make a transition from unbelief to belief or vice versa only if the evidence is strong enough to warrant that.

2:6) Nothing is impossible in concept, until it has been put into practice. However, most things probably never will occur in practice because they are ultimately impossible.

2:7) If doing something is hard or inefficient, then there is usually a much easier way of doing it. Always experiment with things until you have found the very best way of doing them.

2:8) You can’t truly understand something new until you have first scrutinized it, and even then you can only understand that concept to the degree that you have been rigorous in your scrutinization of it.

2:9) Common sense is just wisdom which everybody already has. Wisdom is just common sense which only a few have.

2:10) A just law is a tidbit of wisdom that is enforced on society. An unjust law is a tidbit of folly that is enforced on society. It is nearly as foolish to follow an unjust law as it is to break a just law.

3:1) There are two ways to get unjust laws changed, one is by civil disobedience and the other is by political action. It is advisable to take the path of political action for bringing about change rather than to take the action of civil disobedience if at all possible. This is so, since, often times criminals are blinded by their own folly and only a few times is it when the majority is blinded to their own folly, of course this only applies to an ideal world where the majority is properly educated and makes the decisions based on a fair election process.

3:2) It’s important to do as much as possible with as little as possible; for this is certainly more valuable than doing as little as possible with as much as possible. This is the difference between being organized and being messy, and it is the difference between being efficient and being wasteful.

3:3) It’s true that, “the more you know how to do, the less you will rely on others to do for you.” It’s cheaper to do more and pay others less, than to do less and pay others more, unless you happen to be financially independent due to some wise investing, which takes much hard work.

3:4) Neither the wisest, nor the most foolish of humanity could ever claim to be perfect and still endure a failure without a dramatic change in mindset. For claiming perfection is prideful, and the larger some people build themselves up, the harder they will fall when they’ve been proved wrong.

3:5) If anybody can validly claim to be perfect and without error, then that could mean that the individual has tried doing everything and yet failed miserably in all possible ways before finding all of the ways that work. However, nobody can validly claim to be perfect, not in a million lifetimes, since there will always inevitably come a time when a mistake will be made.

3:6) Mathematics in combination with the scientific method and logical reasoning is the only tried and true source for revealing the truth about the world around us. Everything else is subject to being relative and fallible.

3:7) It would take an infinite amount of lifetimes to achieve perfection, but you only have one life to live. Listening to reason, the quickest way to achieve near perfection is by following in the path that has already been blazed by the intellect and that has been illuminated by one's own intuition.

3:8) Reason is the gradient which points toward your life’s maximum potential, so aim your willpower wherever reason leads you and then you will most assuredly succeed in obtaining your personal goals in life. Of course, it is highly advisable to set personal goals that are reasonable.

3:9) Time is an infinite instant; Space is an infinite singularity. All of the laws of the universe are governed by the intermingling of space and time. Ultimately, however, all of laws of the universe are dependent on mathematics.

3:10) As long as we exist in this physical universe, our minds are bounded by all of the physical laws of the universe, but we can unlock the secrets from the realm of mathematics which is the one and only truly eternal entity.

Secular Psalms:

1) The heavens declare the glory of nature; the skies proclaim the work of Brownian motion.

2) Computers counteth the number of the stars, systematically nameth them all by sequence, and classify them according to age, size, luminosity, mass, color, and chemical signature."

3) There are no new laws of chemistry or physics under the sun. The Platonic realm of the set of all Logical and Mathematical relationships has always existed and always will exist. However, both function and form do change as is dictated by the gradual process of evolution, and yet even more rapidly, still, the rate of change of new ideas and human invention is always bringing the function and form of nature into ever newer realms of possibility. Thus is the advantage of imagination and creativity.

The Secular Gospel

1) There is no need for a god for people to repent of their wrongs, for anybody can do that on their own free natural will and in the privacy of their own residence, and certainly without the need for a predefined morality system of considering oneself depraved from birth.

2) It does not require prayer to the gods for people to forgive themselves or others for imperfections; it just takes some honest reflection coupled with an attitude of can-do change.

3) There need be no dogmatic laws for people to know what is righteous, for they know right from wrong because it is engrained in their evolutionary emotional makeup and is a result of their upbringing. However, there should be some form of study about what is the officially agreed upon by way of fair legislation whenever there is a grey area where people have differing views about the course of righteousness.

4) People that do wrong, as perceived objectively through the eyes of the civil majority, are often the ones who are ignorant of their own wrongdoings. It is the fault of society when such evils are allowed to occur, and it is the responsibility of everybody to do what is necessary to keep those evils from happening again. However, it is wise to make sure that all biases are removed, and to maintain an open and clear mind whenever assessing whether a particular action is evil enough to warrant further corrective actions and preventive measures or not.

5) Integrity dictates that people should always say what they do, and do what they say. This can be accomplished by making fewer commitments, but keeping the ones that are made. Make sure that the weekly schedule is planned out so that there is time for accomplishing the top priority commitments, and then be sure and specify the inherent uncertainties, honestly and up-front, with the parties involved when making other less pertinent commitments.

6) There does not need to be any god for people to exhibit the traits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control. These things are part of human nature. However, these things are not always intrinsically good, for somebody could express these traits toward a ponzi who would surely do harm or take advantage if the chance presents itself.

7) Conversely, there need not be any devil to exhibit the traits of hate, dread, strifefulness, haste, rudeness, malice, mistrust, and lack of control. These things all stem from human emotion as well. However, these traits are not intrinsically evil either, but are a product of human nature as well. For instance, somebody might exhibit these traits because they have been cheated, lied to, harmed, or etc. It is always advisable, however, for people to retaliate in a manner where all of their actions are justified within the confines of the laws that have been established by legislative majority whenever possible or necessary, instead of trying to take justice into their own hands. This is simply because we have evolved to live in a society, and hence we have evolved the need for social justice instead of mere individual justice.

8) Faithfulness that can be considered intrinsically good is the trait of believing in the things which have honestly and repeatedly been proven to work through rigorous testing time and time again. After all, you can only have the utmost faith in something that is truly dependable, such as in numbers that don't lie, whereas you would be well advised to mistrust all extraordinary claims or schemes that don't seem to add up correctly and to proceed with a healthy dose of skepticism with such matters.

9) It is righteous to hate the things that bring you harm, and it is right to love the things that bring you peace, joy, happiness, and overall wellbeing. But above all, it is the highest moral to take control over the processes that surround us as opposed to merely being subject to them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today I've converted to Hinduism :)

The inspirationeth of Shiva hath madeth me enlightenedeth. All godseths are oneth and oneth is god alleth. Oliveth! Oh, by the way.... ramma-damma-ding-dong!