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Monday, November 23, 2009

Some of our Problems

Money is a renewable resource (cotton and ink printed by the federal government in a pattern), everytime you take out a loan from the bank, that IOU is loaned out to other banks and that IOU is loaned out again and again ad infitum, in effect breeding 90% of the previous value each time it gets loaned to a new bank within the federal banking system (sum(.9^0 + .9^1 +...+.9^n+....9^infinite)=10), thereby for every $1.00 loan you take out, the banks can take that IOU money and sequentially loan it out to a different bank which can loan that out to another bank, etc, until there is a maximum federal banking amount of $10.00 (ten times) in IOUs or until an indivisible penny is left. The problem we have is an exploding overpopulation of high risk takers and phoney IOUs (thereby rich bankers) and a drastic underpopulation of honest people with financial integrity.

The other problem is that we are all very resource inefficient and produce a lot of garbage in the name of convenience, and that garbage thereby produces a lot of ozone depleting methane, plastic bags blow in the wind and end up clogging the oceanic gyres, etc. However, that garbage that we produce still has the potential of being a resource jackpot if it were better sorted and managed.