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Monday, October 26, 2009

UFO's and/or Hallucinagenics in the Bible

Well, that's probably the most plausible explanation for what's going on throughout history, perhaps that and hallucinogenic drug use:

(Note - This second video is the funniest shit, it just cracks me up when I watch it. Excellent visuals too. In all seriousness, it demonstrates that what the Bible is talking about is very extremely likely to have been psychedelic mushrooms... this too)

Perhaps religions are a combination of both hallucinagenic drugs and alien visitations, perhaps even more bizzare is the possible consideration that hallucinagenic drug use in religious rituals was tied to telepathic communication with aliens. Adam Carolla interviews Joe Rogan discusses the possibility of the combination of the two.

NOTE: This is all speculation, however, but still can't be entirely ruled out of course, neither can ordinary dreams be ruled out either. For instance, there are many stories in the Bible that literally explain themselves as being dreams.

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