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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Secular Morality

Here is morality as I see it, perhaps you disagree with the points being made, that's fine since each individual has unique beliefs:

Oh yeah, and the One True Absolute Universal Moral Principle (OTRAUMP) is:

"Be sure to love good and hate evil".

The basis of evolutionary morality is that immorality leads to death and destruction whereas morality leads to the evolutionary survival and intelligent progression of genes, memes, and temes (technological memes).

Or as even some religious might as well be saying "the wages of immorality is death, but the reward of a moral society is the everlasting progression and thereby continual advancement of their existance"....this by no means contradicts the political philosophy of conservatism either, and in fact the view that it takes is that the more technologically advanced that society becomes, the more moral that the society is capable of being. That is, in fact, in line with the idea that businesses and productivity are inherently good.