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Friday, October 23, 2009

IQ's By Country

Actually, according to IQ and Global Inequality, some countries are getting smarter while other countries are getting dumber, either that or there is just more accuracy in the methods of testing. Or perhaps it's due to immigration of dumb people from one country to the next or because wars are killing off the stupidest in some places (thus leaving more intelligent people to procreate), or because of education or natural selection (smart people have different mating habits than dumber people), however, these kinds of trends are important because they point to what ethnicities are going to be the next major powerhouses in future world affairs concerning business and technology.

Note: It is also possible to break some countries up by region or state too -

Note: Yeah yeah, I know about all the objections to all of this, however there must have been some kind of international effort in compiling this data, etc etc. My hypothesis is that (1) the data is reflective of reality to some degree even given the large uncertainties involved and (2) that it can be used to make some general and vague predictions about the future of business and technology. Keep in mind that we live in a world of uncertainty, and that we should probably be putting only a medium level of trust in this sort of data. On the other hand, some data is certainly better than no data.

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