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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is AM radio MIND control? (That's Impossible?)

People with deeper voices (about 60 hertz) tend to broadcast on AM radio. The AM radio wave is a constant frequency wave whereby the amplitude gets modulated by a microphone/mixer, transmitted through the air, and then is recieved by various radio antennas.

The envelelope frequency for the signal is on the same frequency range as human voices are, the vocal chord nerve frequencies that is.

There are sound devices that work on this exact premise by picking up the electrical signals being sent from the brain to through the nerves to the vocal chords, maybe not exactly an artificial larynx (which works via pneumatic vibrations) but something quite similar to it does indeed exist.

Anyhow, assuming that people's nerves can pick up on the AM radio signals broadcasted through the air, then it's possible that the signals might actually be running back up those nerves and influencing people's brains, somewhat like was shown on the History Channel episode of MIND control.


Pictures 1,2,3: Electronics - The Easy Way 4th

Picture 4: vocal chord nerve frequencies

Picture 5: Artificial Larynx

Be sure to check out the History Channel video:
That's Impossible - MIND control.