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Monday, July 6, 2009

Why Not Worship a 'Natural' God Instead?

There is plenty of evidence for, say, the existance of gravity. In fact, none of us would be here if it weren't for gravitation exserting it's mighty force upon our massive bodies. Why not worship gravity then? We all know the great and powerful things that gravity does, after all, since we experience it every second of the day.

Or even better, why not worship electricity? We have all been amazed about the great and wonderful things that electricity does for us on a daily basis. I couldn't be typing this message to you without the beautiful wonders of electricity and the transisters that make it all possible. We all know that electricity loves us so much because it does almost unlimited things for us all the time, right? Need I explain what electricity can do unto you if you disobey the manufacturer's warning label? It can taze you, dead, in no time if you operate on your computer hardware without first unplugging it from the all powerful 120/208 Vrms AC 20 ampere rated wall socket. After all, our dumbass ancestors, the same ones whom wrote the Bible would have worshipped such an impressive display of technological achievement.

I'll even take the time to compare electricity with your stupid supernatural god. Try as your god might, with all his willpower, he will never be able to pull the CPU plug out of my wall socket. Too late, this message got to you before your god could do anything about it because your god is imaginary.

Also, I don't worship natural things, I actually was just joking there.


Picture #2, Feynman's Lectures Volume 2

Picture #3, Hat Tip Phillychief