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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The New World Order

Bring it on, where and when do I sign up for joining that? How much will I be recieving in my large Swiss(?) Bank Accounts?

If I join this kind of organization, can I make North American and Asian people channel 90% of their tax dollars directly ino a big top secret money laundering operation in Europe in order to fund the development of better globalized technologies and ever greater global productivity?

What about tapping all the "untapped" natural resources in Africa and transporting them to Russia to be sold on the underground market for pure profits? (Note: they pay higher taxes anyway, and also have a less transparent federal banking system than the US does)

How about forcing the scientists from the USA to team up with Russian and Chinese scientists to collaborate on a moon mission in order to mine the Helium-3 for use in fusion powered generators in order to supplant the globalized demands for and reliance on carbon based energy?

Can't I force the South Americans to replenish the rainforests with faster growing shrub trees (unimpeded by a canopy, such as bogenvillas or such) in order to more quickly scrub the globalized air of CO2 content?

etc, etc, etc...