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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Morality in Evolutionary Probabilities

Morality is found in evolution and probabilities. Basically, morality is dictated by survival via playing the odds and immorality is dictated by perishment and playing against the odds. Thusly, all things that exist and replicate can be considered moral in an evolutionary sense while all things that stop replicating are evolutionarily immoral. The civilization that nukes itself to annihilation is immoral while the civilization that expands outwards throughout the universe and survives efficiently (that involves energy conservation and proper distribution of resources and knowledge) is thereby moral.

Memes and Temes

History has shown that societies that allow for personal freedoms tend to allow for more traditions and technological accomplishments to replicate which is thereby moral, while societies that limit personal freedoms tend to fail and become forgotten (who, after all, remembers USSR accomplishments in space or any of the individual accomplishments that occured in Sparta? Compare to Ancient Athens and the USA and many countries in Europe).