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Friday, July 3, 2009

Greater Purposes

Belief in a greater purpose is good so long as there is an actual proof of a greater purpose. There are many purposes in the world which are greater than ourselves which results from the goals or agendas of those groups or individuals whom are larger than us. Should we choose to fight for independence or equality? Should we submit to the betterment of the average quality of life or to the advancement of our own lives, or perhaps those goals are not necessarily mutually exclusive? These things which are movements we as humans can adopt as our own purposes in life, or we can set our own goals and go for them. There are always optimal strategies that fit different people in different life situations, and those optimal strategies are dependent on what their personal short and longterm goals are. Life comes down to a big game of probabilities, actions, and payoffs or losses. Sometimes it's optimal for people to switch their goals and strategies depending on their circumstances.

The bad thing is to believe in a greater purpose that we haven't analyzed thoroughly and at least estimated the end results based on the best solid evidence that is available. The other bad thing is to set goals which aren't grounded in reality or to attempt strategies which aren't based on the rules of the game.