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Thursday, July 30, 2009

CEOs rate Obama

I found an intriguing article in Newsweek whereby CEOs are rating Obama's performance as US president. Of particular note are the following responses:

Cypress Semiconductor - a libertarian response (note: Clintonomics was good for business here because it allowed US businesses to get around ethics and pollution violations by producing in China)

Boeing - a socialist response (note: Boeing gets a lot of government funded projects, they're happy with whatever the national gameplan is, in this case it's essentially international cooperation on a future moon mission....that can have huge international payoffs if and when fusion energy becomes feasible, a very low probability)

Anadarko Petroleum - A republican response (note: Armagedon was a real possiblity if McCain won since domestic oil drilling would have completely snubbed Russia in oil profits and it would have also been bad for the cause of Chinese environmental issues while only helping the American economy)