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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mind and the Order of Beaurocracies

Religion, Government, Business, Technology....each successive one wants to eliminate the prior one and each prior one wants to control the succesive one.

That's my conclusion based on my own observations of the "beaurocratic spectrum" of the world....religion is the most behind the times and technology is the least behind the times. I think it is important to be slightly behind the times in order to observe what the latest trends are without crashing, but not too far behind the times or you'll drop off the edge of the world into a primitive caveman lifestyle, same with being too far ahead of the times.

"A Priori" is a bitch though. I'm afraid this model may be oversimplified. What does it mean for a successive beaurocracy on that list to control the prior one? Or for the prior one to eliminate the successive ones? There is probably, in a bayesian sense, something I'm overlooking. I can feel it.

Oh yeah...I'm more afraid of a government run religion than for government to eliminate religion. I'm more afraid of a Business run Government than for Business to eliminate Government. However, I'm actually happy for Technology to run Business though, as opposed to eliminating Business.

I guess that, therefore, where I stand in the times is between Business and Technology.

But, what does this all have to do with the human mind? I'm not going to wax poetic here. I believe in a tri-alism of logic, nature, and mind whereby reality is understood in the overlapping regions of the three, but whereby logic alone and nature alone are understood by the overlappiing of the mind. The more evolved the mind is, the more it can understand the abstract logical realm and apply that to the laws of nature, ergo business, science research, and technology.

The less evolved the mind is, the more it is subject to nature control....ergo big business, government, religious supertition, basic evolutionary instincts....and on down the scale of functionality to wild animals, insects, and ameobas.

I do suppose there could be a looping of various beaurocratic modes. Technology, for instance, could control the religiou-superstitious beliefs, basic instincts, or even lower on the scale at the level of bodily functions...there could even be a robotic teleprompter controlled president or perhaps a boss that is a robot in the near future.