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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Positive Psychology

Update 11/24/2011 - Here is a diagram I got from one of Tom Lombardo's Slide Show's that touches on the idea of ideal flow :-]

Positive Psychology - Positive psychology, which is the key for having genuine happiness in life according to modern psychology, entails maintaining a healthy balance of 3 main things in life:

(1) Purpose, which is essentially having a big goal or master plan that you're working towards accomplishing in life. Everybody ought to have their own mission agenda(s) that they are working towards in life since everybody has an ego, psychologically speaking.

(2) Flow, which is accomplishing the important tasks and goals along the way that are necessary to gain more access toward achieving your mission agenda(s) in life. It may be necessary to modify your planned action steps whenever there is a holdup that is preventing you from achieving your goals, and in fact it may be advisable to routinely readjust your action steps depending on how turbulent your mission agenda is at any given time. In more turbulent times, the more accurate and quicker the feedback you get on your routines, the better you can assess how to readjust your action steps, whereas in more laminar times it may be advantageous to challenge yourself toward even more complex tasks.

(3) Pleasure, which is rewarding yourself in proportion to your task accomplishments, is an extremely important mechanism that enhances your desirability for more success. The more you succeed, the more ability that you gain and thereby the more complexity you can handle too. You'll get bored if you don't handle gradually increasing complexity in your life, and you'll get anxious if you have to handle too much complexity that you are not skilled enough for though. The ideal is to consistently oscillate between a psychological state of arousal, flow, and control as you continually increase in your skill and in the complexity of your life tasks, and thereby narrowing in on your mission agenda in life. :-]