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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cloud Fusion, more like a Cloud Fusion Generator, for generating clouds in a jar, and a Soundscapes CD. :)

Cloud, I mean, Cold Fusion

I mean, the steam isn't even superheated and the reaction is too slow to even turn a turbine (all signs there is no real atomic fusion occuring but perhaps some electricity flowing between electrodes and cool water vaporization and electrolysis), lol, and now this Obama Administration Alternative Energy PR stunt with "the Navy neutrons"....I'll bet this is just cloud fusion in a higher volage fusor is all, or perhaps with some nuclear contaminated paladium from one of the sub reactors :P
Scientific American: After-20-years-new-life-for-cold-fusion

Hey, but if I am wrong .... So... I should expect this to hit the markets some time soon? Can I expect a jet vehicle that has a turbine that runs off of cold fusion some time in the near future, like a couple months!? I mean, geez, the rest of the technology already exists in the form of the original batmobile and all, all that's left is a atomic cold-fusion power source ...