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Thursday, February 19, 2009

God Arguments You Never Hear From Theists

(1) If the Multiverse is true then all possible pasts and all possible futures are true. Ergo, there is a universe where God exists and a universe where he doesn't.

(2) Gods exist because humankind invented them and believe in them, even if only in the hearts and minds of people.

(3) You can't disprove that nature is one big pantheistic god.

(4) According to Godel's Theorem, the set of all natural elements does not contain all of the elements, for there ought to be a complimentary set of supernatural elements too. God, of course, being one such element.

(5) If God is defined as Good, then you can't deny that Good exists in the world (or what is pleasure?). If Satan is defined as Bad, you can't deny that Bad exists in the world either (or what is pain?). Ergo, there can be a mental model whereby God and Satan exists by virtue of definition alone, exept whereby people feel no pleasure or pain. Perhaps that third state can be defined as Nirvanna.