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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Revelation Explained

The ancient people have always believed in the imagined bunny in the clouds. These are the same people, in cave drawings, that depicted earthquakes as gigatic snakes moving beneath the ground, who pictured all manner of angels and demons coming from electrical storms and from volcanoes (some hypothesize they could have been extraterrestrials and others that they were hallucinations). People, in modern times, tend to have their own sets of irrational beliefs such as in the New Age power of crystals and believing in auras and chi without offering any evidenciary proof. This seemingly universal belief that there is always something out there that is bigger than us (probably there really are more advanced civilizations yet to be discovered by humankind) stems from an evolutionary hardwiring in our brains to watch out for predators, for one time there were giant lizards that roamed the Earth and our evolutionary ancestors were small fury rodents that were once demonized by the predation. There, perhaps, also is an evolutionary knowledge of the global destruction, complete armagedon, of an asteroid that had fallen from the skies above and wiped out the giant predators that once roamed the land, leaving the planet to the meek furry creatures to inheret some day, this event being ingrained in the minds of the animal kingdom some 65 million years ago has, perhaps, left a lasting impact. If any evolutionary lesson is to be learned, however, it is in the common goal of surviving where the dinosaurs had once failed, it is in using the intellect of our minds to prevent the demise of our civilization, rather than the primitive emotions to 'kill or be killed'.

As it stands, there are currently no greater enemies or assets of humankind than that of other humans, and Nature comes in a close second to that, since the threat of natural disaster still looms all around us as well as the promise of sustainable natural resources too. So long as people don't let their primal fears and beliefs get the best of them, so long as they learn to conserve resources as well as to innovate better technologies and to explore the unknown, then they will be on the path to paradise rather than that of peril and demise.