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Saturday, January 31, 2009

On Cosmos and Sagan's Philosophy

Carl Sagan: Cosmos Series

That is a great series. In it, Carl Sagan adequately describes the Universe, but it is too nature-worshipping for my tastes. I believe that the mind, in a very survivalist manner, has evolved to conquer and overcome nature as opposed to being ruled by it....

The problem that we are presented here is the one that goes as such: Humanity is reckless of Mother Nature, Humanity should stop being so reckless because Mother Nature is a sacred and delicate entity.

However, I would argue that it is Nature that is the destructive one as most of the Universe is inhospitable to life as we know it. In the course of evolution, many times more species have gone extinct than are presently in existance, but that rate of demise to survival ought to be decreasing in accordance with evolution. Ergo the evolution of the mind, natures thus far most complex creation has evolved a way around being destroyed, a way to survive and to sustain itself by gaining the ability to make reasonable simulative predictions in accordance with avoiding the repeat mistakes of the past on both, an evolutionary scale via genetic hardwiring and on a conscious scale via experiencial softwiring. The mind is always processing sensory inputs, constantly reprogramming itself on a conscious level to adapt to ever-changing conditions of the environment, and it thereby is superceding the necessity for learning by evolutionary hardwiring. Thus, because the mind, especially that of the human mind, is progressing at such fast rates then the technological product of that mind will someday be merged as the singularity.

Thus comes my objetion to some of Carl Sagan's view's about the future of humanity, and in particular when it comes to the subject of Von Neuman Probes. Where Sagan considers building these self-replicating probes to be an irresponsible danger to civilizations across the universe, and considers it a crime against Mother Nature, I consider the probes to be a natural part of Nature's creation every bit as much as I think that the evolution of the Mind is an inevitability. Ergo, I consider that Von Neuman Machines are an absolute survival responsibility of any advanced civilization and furthermore that these machines can potentially be a benefit to any indigenous life forms that it comes across assuming that they have been merged with the minds of those advanced civilizations.