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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mass Killing is Stupid

Why is it that in many sci-fi movies it is that there is either a mad scientist bent on killing everybody, an alien race bent on annihilating Earth, or even some giant asteroid about to wipe out life as we know it!? This is stupid! There is no intellectual challenge in killing, it is easy to do even, and yet there is this aura that paints it as a complicated thing to do, even the prospects are glamorized by the retards in Hollywood. Why must there always be a nemesis, and why must the nemisis be painted as some brilliant individual? I hate that steriotype.

The answer, I think, is related to the religious distrust of science. However, in the real world, it is not the brilliant individuals that actually try to mass kill because such an act would be far too easy to pull off. Osama Bin Laden was not some masterminded person for devising the attacks against the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon, he was a religious idiot, and same with the idiots who figured out how to use a boxcutter and hijack an airplane. That is no intellectual challenge, same with building the A-bomb, or even devising biological weapons, any idiot could figure out how to do those things.

No, the paths of destruction are many and easy to come by in this world we live in. The real intellectual challenges are the paths to prosperity and technological progress, the cures for viruses and cancers, the safe and efficient production of energy for the utilization of the masses.....these good things are what science brings and they are intellectually far harder to innovate or come by than that of destruction. This is also why I am shocked and offended by any religions that say to "kill all the pagans, or gentiles, or infidels" because no such religion values the human intellect, and I also should add any political systems that spout "kill all the capitalist pigs" to that category too. Each one of those have expansionism and war as their goals, their sole means of income, and perhaps it is just an evolutionary trait that goes back to the time when humans were hunter-gatherers and needed to kill and migrate for survival.

To be sure, the reason why every major western world religion has animal sacrifice in their roots is because killing animals was a central part of hunting and gathering, and that killing people wasn't morally wrong much in the same way that killing animals wasn't. Well, I believe the roots of capitalism are in when people settled down after the glaciers of the last Ice Age, Capitalism started when observant people started agriculture and trade with each other as they put down their animal killing spears and picked up their animal powered plows and decided to coexist with mutual fairness.

I think I can say, perhaps Obama is doing things right after all, these are words you never seem to hear but which should solve the worlds problems.....Blessed are the Geeks