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Friday, December 5, 2008

Tis the Season

Poetry and Religion and Everything Nice!

Tis the season when the Spaghetti Monster showed up at your house;
And then dropped a meatball on the ground for a magical mouse;

The Luinguini was baking and not a moment to soon;
For Spaghetti Monster reached out an appendage and said “here is my spoon!”;

After the supper, it came up the stairs;
And it pulled out a present from it’s big bag of prayers;

It may leave you a box of jolly good cheer;
For in this box is a year’s worth of beer;

But so you will see, as many have seen;
That if you disbelieve, you will get something obscene;

It is a raw fishbone, one of great magnitude;
And it is so awful, you will surely get booed;

So you too, my friend, have a mission at stake;
That in order to win beer, there is a risk you must take;

For you must accept, without any proof;
That what I have just told you, is absolute truth!

Source: Tis the Season