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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

States of Mind and ADHD

The Mind Cycle:

Every night, people go into a delta-dreamland. When they first wake up in the morning or prior to falling asleep at night (or if just on a daydreamy vacation), they are in the great in-between aka the Alpha Zone. People with ADHD tend to have a tough time getting out of the alpha-delta zones during the day (not always a bad thing), which is why they require stimulents large amounts of energy to fuel those stimulents in order to get their brainwaves up higher (they also have higher metabolisms and are better atheletes to). The brain on the left is that of the ADHD person, and the brain on the right is that of a normal person (kind of a low performance braindead sort of thing compared to ADHD person).

However, during the daytime, the goal that we all should be striving for ought to be the Beta zone or the "Superfocused Intellect" which is I usually need to get another cup of coffee to keep me going.