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Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Logical Reality Vs Christianity

1. Math is a Logical Reality:

Math is not a language, it's a logical reality that exists on its own. A language does not need to exist for the arbitrary line y=3x+6 or for hypercubes to exist. The entity of math exists regaurdless of whether Euclid and Newton developed the symbols to express and define it or not.

Also, there is no need to invoke the existance of God just because math exists. Math exists independent of some kind of creator. Besides, if God designed math, then who designed God? :)

My answer to that question is that the human minds designed God independent of math. In fact, math is a much better system for explaining the universe than God is. For instance, the path of a thunderbolt between clouds or between a cloud and the ground is a probabilistic event that can easily be defined by the bifurcations of electrical current flowing in a chaotic system. It can also be half-mindedly explained as the result of Zeus being angry....the former explanation is more acceptable in academia because it doesn't invoke a larger entity, Zeus, that needs to be explained as well. I think we can all safely agree that Zeus did not throw a lightning bolt because the certainties are so great that the other theory is correct.

2. On Christianity:

I often find that a running theme in Christianity is getting something for nothing or perpetual motion, bad accounting, or bad science.A bush that burns but does not consume itself for fuel is perpetual motion AKA GodJesus starting with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread and ending up feeding 5000 people with 12 baskets left over is clearly a case of bad accounting....but people believe in this looney tunes miracle stuff they were taught as children (Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich) which is why there is bad accounting in politics and a general misunderstanding of math and science in public schools. I believe that translates into significant inefficiencies in "free lunch" America, and then people are therefore confused about why simple reality doesn't go their way. Christianity is the problem and not the cure in my opinion.