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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Periodic Table and the Material Universe

Ah, the material world, isn't it great!? Everything that exists in material form that we know about and can actually use in our everyday experiences is made up of some combination of the periodic elements or can be produced from either smashing them into each other at high velocities, heating them up and combining them, compressing them, and forming them via some kind of manufacturing or biological process. Take a closer look at the bottom table, that makes up everything that we encounter in our everyday experiences, and yet that chart below only really makes up about 4% of the entire known universe {with 23% being cold dark matter and the other 73% being dark energy out in the interstellar and intergalactic regions of space}.
Here I have slightly modified the periodic table, which I obtained from the "Molecular Research Institute," to include all of the possible oxidation states for all of the elemental atoms. I've found many times that this modification is helpful because it's not always easy to remember all the possible oxidation states for all the different elements (especially with metals) since they often times don't fill up their entire outer orbital electron shells when bonding with other atoms due to some nonlinear quantum statistical thermodynamic effects. Anyhow, it is just more convenient to have all the oxidation states on the table rather than having to look it up somewhere else.


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