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Monday, July 7, 2008

Nuclear Energy (for educational purposes)

For educational purposes only:

(1a) This demonstrates a nuclear chain reaction of atomic bombs.

(1b) This shows an animation of an old fashioned bomb shell implosion

(1c) shows a nuclear cannon that was tested in the '50s or so. Pretty neat stuff!

(2) This demonstrates a controlled nuclear reactor in a powerplant. The reactor heats up the heavy water and then that heat is exchanged into a water boiler that produces steam which drives a (3) turbine which spins (4) a really strong bar magnet which runs (5a,b) a 60Hz, 3-phase generator which goes through (6) a transformer where the two live wires are reduced down to 120V and sent down the distribution grids.
2. Nuclear Power Generator

3. Steam Turbine

4. Strong magnet

5a. AC-Generator (technically a 4 phaser, while most in modern times are 3 phasers)

5b. 3 phase electrical power

6. Transformer and Electricity Grids (for illustrative purposes, but may not be an entirely accurate representition of the transformers at electricity plant generaters)


A) Google Images

B) USPTO website

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