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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Promises v.s. Reality

If a religious ponzi wants to believe that there is a stairway to heaven, where each one of the steps is a cloud with wings on it, then that's not them messing with us, it's just plain funny though. The lesson to be learned is that all things have a promise, and then they have the reality where the promise falls short.


Promise: You can levitate if you really meditate hard enough on your inner chi

Reality: There's a building full of people trying to contact their inner chi, nay, a whole world trying to do that. They settle for the belief that they didn't meditate hard enough when they don't levitate.


Promise: You can dissapear from existance if you concentrate on your breathing

Reality: Nobody has ever done that, except for in the myth about Buddha. People settle for the belief that they just haven't attained Nirvana because they keep on making distinctions between them and the universe.


Promise: You can perform miracles, just as I (Christ) have done.

Reality: Nobody has ever performed a miracle. People settle for a cheese sandwich that has a burn mark of the Virgin Mary on it.


Anyhow, all religions are the same in that they promise much more than what they really can offer.


Here is my idea for a magazine I call "The Miracle Enquirer" which I think could make big bucks based on the premise that most people actually enjoy being lied to: